Dust of Doll Pre-order

Dust of Dolls has opened a pre-order on their website for 27 cm tall Lünn and Khöl. The dolls may be ordered in either white or normal skin resin. They come blank with optional face-up available.

From the company (November 23rd):

Hi everyone!!

After a long battle against winds and blasts, we finally succeeded to finish our website!

The preorder will open tomorrow morning, Saturday, November 24th !!!
We will put items on sale at 10 am – French time zone

Preorders period : November 24th to December 24th 

This preorder is limited in time, not in number.
Lünn and Khöl will not be released after this preoder.

The doll will come with faceplate and body, and a random pair of glass eyes. The price is 350 € for one doll (without faceup option by Viridian House)

Until tomorrow, the website is open, and you can see the available dolls and accessories!!
We really hope you will like our website, and we will not have any bug!!
(all pages have not already all the translations, we translate asap!!)