Black Tortoise – JunShi

LoongSoul has released Black Tortoise – JunShi. The 70+ cm tall doll may be ordered in normal urethane or french (translucent) yellow or grey skin resin.

From the company:

Black Tortoise – JunShi Limited
Order period: 2012/11/24~~2013/02/28

Event (2012/11/24~~2012/11/30)
Purchase Black Tortoise – JunShi Limited doll get free make-up.(or pay price difference to get free body blushing)

*It takes 80~100 workings days to produce event order.^^.

Junshi’s Black Tortoise body includes a Black Tortoise arm, Black Tortoise thighs, Black Tortoise calves, Black Tortoise feet and long-nail hands. Also includes are cat eyes, XingLin Snake, XuanXiao Spear and XuanMing Shield. Options include face-up (with or without blood stain), body painting, resin parts painting, outfit, wig and additional human parts (human arms, human hands, human thighs, human knees, human calves, human feet) or additional human body.

JunShi is available for purchase from authorized retailers Catas (page on Den of Angels HERE) and Mint on Card.