Crobi Doll has posted T-Line tiny anthro doll Polar. A portion of the profits from the sale of the doll will be donated to Polar Bears International.

From the company:

~My dear friend, “Polar”

No one can live alone in the Earth
It’s not just because of food, clothing and shelter.

The only reason why we can’t live alone.
Because…it’s too lonely being alone

Somewhere, the farthest Northern Earth..
There are someone who would live alone someday.
What can we do for those being alone??
Not ‘SAVE’ them, But ‘Live Together’, please


Be Polar’s friends with CROBIDOLL, please

Some of doll sale profits will be donated for International Polar Bear Conservation Organization (http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/)

In this winter, full of blessing in all over the world,

Donate them and get Polar as your donation certificate, please!!

Event period:

2012.11.30 PM 6:00 ~ When the items prepared are sold out.