Ever Yours Daniel & Lunar

Ever Yours dolls Daniel & Lunar are now available at Blue Fairy. The 1/3 size dolls are being sold as full-sets in limited quantities. Lunar is the newest 60 cm girl from the company.  Daniel is the first 64 cm tall boy.

From the company:

Dear customers,

We are very happy to announce that our new Theme Special, Ever Yours, has been released. The new sized dolls, Daniel of the Blue Fairy boy and Luna of the Blue Fairy girl, are available for these Theme Special dolls.

Ever Yours will be available to order from Nov. 22nd and they need 25 business days to be ready.

They are limited edition products and their sales will be closed when all the prepared quantities are sold out.

Thank you very much for your love and support.

Both dolls will be cast in beauty white resin.  Lunar will come with a BF glamorous type body, grey glass eyes, outfit (jacket, shirt, cardigan, skirt, panties, ribbon, tie and socks), khaki brown wig and black maryjane shoes. Daniel will come with a BF boy type body, brown-green glass eyes, outfit (jacket, shirt, cardigan, pants, tie and socks), khaki brown wig and chocolate brown pennyloafer shoes. The dolls will also include default face-up.