Luts Winter Event Dolls

Luta released Senior Delf, Kid Delf and Honey Delf dolls in pairs for their 2012 Winter Event. The dolls include Senior Delf Xia and Uriel – The Forgotten Story, Kid Delf Ruri and Nana and Honey Delf Pretzel and Brownie. All of the dolls are available in a choice of real, white or brown skin resin.

Senior Delf  (60 cm) Xia  and (62 cm) Uriel are sold as basic dolls with open-eyed or elf romance head and a pair of eyes.  Options include, second head, face-up for one or both heads, resin parts, painting for parts, body blushing, wig and outfit. Xia’s heel leg parts are also optionally available. Uriel comes with a choice of 3 body styles.

42.5 cm tall Kid Delf Nana and Duri are being sold as basic dolls with a a pair of eyes included. Both dolls may be ordered with a normal boy or girl body or a romantic girl body. A face-up is optionally available.

26 cm tall Honey Delf Pretzel and Brownie are also sold as basic dolls with a pair of eyes included.  The dolls may be ordered with a type 1 or type 2 body. Face-up is optionally available.


Duri & Nana


Brownie & Pretzel


Uriel (left) & Xia