Happy Bath Now Available

Latidoll has released three Lati Yellow Special dolls for Happy Bath.

From the company:

Lati will release Special version dolls [Happy Bath], which we have not done for a while.
They will be sold from November 16th at noon (KST) to December 7th 2012 at noon (KST).
Bath tub and outfits that will be included in the release will be sold separately later in cover price. However, we have not decided when will be the sale.
During the sale period, bath tub and outfits will be sold in 20% discounted price.

* Limited version of makeup will be done for the dolls, and each doll can have slightly different makeup since we do all makeup by hands. Also, we would like to let you know there will be no modification or customization of makeup.

16 cm tall Happy Bath Chicken ver. Grown up Bayer, Crocodile ver. Benny and Elephant ver. Lumi are being sold as basic dolls.  They are being cast in normal resin and will come with face-up and eyes. Options include outfit, wig and bathtub.