BJDcollectasy previously wrote an article about Tracy P. (Tracy Pomber) back in June 2011. At that time, she was content creating fashions and face-ups for BJDs. Now Tracy has branched out and created her first doll, Gertie. The doll will be sold exclusively through Jpop Dolls.


Q: Can you tell me a bit about Gertie?

A: Gertie is my first BJD. Completely sculpted by myself. She is named for my grandmother who taught me how to sew and always encouraged my creativity. She took almost a year to complete from start to finish. It has been quite a journey seeing her go from clay to resin. I learned a lot while making her. She is my whimsical little chubby girl. When I was designing her, I really wanted something different. I wanted my dolls to be a little quirky but loveable. I am so thrilled with her. Her creation has always been a goal of mine, and I am so glad I took the steps, and listened to the nudges from family and friends to make her. My hope is that she will warm the hearts of those who see her, and bring smiles to their faces.

Q: What size is she? Is she a unique size? Does she wear a unique size?

gertie300A: She is MSD sized and will be released in normal skin. Here are her measurements….
19 inches tall
6 inches from shoulder to wrist
7.5 inches around her belly
2.5 inches for the length of her foot
She wears a size 9 wig
She also wears 16mm eyes
8 inches around her chest
9.5 inches around hips and behind

She can share some looser fitting Kaye Wiggs sized clothing. I will be offering some clothing and faux fur wigs for her through ebay or my etsy store as well. Jpop will have wigs for her too, but normal sized 9 wig will fit.

Q: Wow, size 9 wigs! She has a big head!

A: She does have a pumpkin head!

Q: What material(s) did you sculpt her in?

A: Originally she was sculpted in paper clay.

Q: Was there any particular inspiration for your doll?

gertiesnowflakeA: Being a seamstress for BJD’s, sculpting my own doll just seemed like the logical next step for me. Ive always tinkered in clay so I kind of had a plan when I started her. She was a lot of trial and error during her creation! I definitely learned a lot going through the process of jointing. My inspiration came from both of my kids, Kaitie and Ryan. They have inspired a lot of my work. They are two great kids. The next doll in line is named Kaitie for my daughter.

Q: Will her “sister” have the same doll body?

A: She will share the same body.

Q: What resin color is she being released in?

A: She will also be released in normal skin. Different skin colors may be in the future for both of them, but I am not certain of it at this time.

Q: Is she single or double jointed or a mix of the two?

A: She is not double jointed, but does have quite a range of posing possibilities. She is pretty stable.

Q: What shoe size does Gertie wear?

A: She can wear most MSD sized shoes. Shoes made for Unoas of MiniFees are too narrow.

Q: Would you say she has a bit of a retro/old fashioned style to her?

A: Yes she kind of has that “Vintage Orphan” style to her. If that makes sense to you? That’s what my mom calls it!


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