Peak’s Woods Winter Event

Peak’s Woods has announced their 2012 Winter Event.

From the company:

Hi, this is Peak’s Woods.

First, we’d like to thank you for your love and support during this year.
Thanks to your constant interest and precious time, we’ve had a wonderful year with you.
And it is deeply meaningful to us because this year is our 10th anniversary.
Therefore thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

And second, we’re having a winter event.
We hope you all enjoy it with us, having a lot of fun together .
Here is the information regarding it below.

1 . LE Tanned Dolls + White Rabbit Goon

FOF Tan Rabbit Goon
FOF Tan Cheshire Goon
FOF Tan Lady Alice
FOF Tan Hucky
FOF White Rabbit Goon

*Ordering Period : 11/17~12/17, 2012(for a month)
*10% discount will be offered for those who order from 11/17 to 11/27(for 10 days)
*Special LE make up and monthly fairy will be included

2. A.B. + Free Head

For the purchase of A.B. Doll, any PW head you choose will be given as a gift.
*Event Period : 11/17~12/31, 2012

3. PW Point Money Gift Card

This point will be used as cash to buy any PW item at any time.
*Ordering Period : 11/19~11/20(for 2 days)
*Points will be accumulated within a day
$450 —->500 points
$370 —->400 points
$280 —->300 points

Thank you very much for reading so far.
We promise that we will keep doing our best not to be the biggest but to be the best.
It’s a little early though…
“We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year~~~!!!”