Luts News

Luts has created place-holders on the site for 14 new dolls for the 2012 Winter Event. They include two Senior Delf, two Kid Delf, two Honey Delf and 8 Zuzu Delf dolls.

Two Winter 2013 event heads are now posted, a 1/3 boy and a 1/4 elf .  The boy head is compatible with Delf, Junior Delf, Senior Delf and Super Senior Delf bodies. The smaller head is designed to fit Kid Delf boy and girl bodies. The heads will be given as free gifts during the company’s Winter Event.

From the company:


If you want make up,

please order ‘ ‘MAKE UP FOR ALL’ in OPTION PARTS Category

◈ Skin color option available : Real Skin Normal & Real Skin White

( Please write which skin color you want when you order.

If you don’t choose skin color, we will give you Real Skin Normal. )

◈ This is NOT FOR SALE !!!

1. Period : 19th November, 2012 12:00 p.m. ~ 31st December, 2012 12:00 p.m.

2. Target : For Order over $300, 500, 1000 only.

– If you order items over $300, 500, 1000 during 2012 Winter Event Period,
the Event Head will be added on your order automatically.
(It does not appear on your order sheet)

4. Note

– The event head is for the customers who order over $300, 500, 1000 only.

– The event head does not include any eyes or hands part.

– The event head will not be for sale in the future.

– We ask you not to use this event head for personal sale.

– We do not count shipping cost and separated orders’ price together.

– Event gift is offered only once per a customer.
Even though a customer makes several orders, event gift would be offered only once.

– This event does not include order of other company’s dolls. (Ddung, Pullip, etc… )

– For Event gift, order and payment should be done by 31st DEC 2012 12:00 p.m.

– All time measurement is KOREAN standard time.


1/4 Winter head


1/3 Winter head