Today Jakzjewelz is releasing a new 1/4 size doll named Casimira. The doll is being cast in milk white resin. Casimira has a unique body sculpt that is inspired by an antique wood doll body from the early 1800s. Optional face-up is available in an antique- inspired style.

From the artist:

Casimira is not a re-cast of an antique doll, she is a brand new sculpt reminiscent of the late Regency era which emulated the Grecian statues with their mesmerizing almond eyes, full aquiline noses and deeply bowed lips,
cherubic full cheeks and pert chins gave even the ancient statue of the Goddess Athena a look of innocence.

Casimira’s optional face-up has been painted in the fashion of the early French dolls and comes on a brand new sculptured body with a mind towards the earliest jointed wood French bodies.

Casimira represents a 17 year old girl

She is a unique and individual msd size bjd

Height 17.50 inches

Head circumference 8.50

Eye size 16-18mm depending on preference

Articulation 14 joints


Body for Casimira


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