LE Sherlock Holmes Sets

FreedomTeller has announced a new limited edition outfit set inspired by Sherlock Holmes for pre-order. The 1/3 size sets include trench coat, cape (detachable), shirt, vest, pants, bow tie with beads and deerstalker hat. The 1/6 size sets include trench coat, cape (detachable), shirt, vest, pants, ribbon tie black bag and deerstalker hat.


From the company:

Limited ‘Sherlock Holmes’ SD17, SD13, USD Pre-order Announcement


We have updated our limited section with Sherlock Holmes SD13/17 and USD.

[ Sherlock Holmes ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of detective Sherlock Holmes who stars in the mystery novel written by an English author Arthur Conan Doyle.
With his brilliant brain and reasoning power, Holmes solved many mysteries and gained loved much love from audiences.

When you think of Sherlock Holmes, you often picture his trench coat, detective hat with a pipe in his mouth.
While tailoring this set with the inspiration of the classic Holmes outfit,
we added contemporary feel to make this set wearable now as well.
The trench coat is tailored in slim fit and the cape is made detachable to make this set wearable as a regular trench on regular days.

*** International Pre-order Period: 2012.11.09 ~ 2012.11.25
*** Expected Shipping Period: 2012.12.10 ~ 2012.12.15

* We will ship all orders in order they were placed and paid.

* Please note if we receive high volumes of order, shipping period may be delayed.
When in case of back order, we will inform customers who ordered.