Goodbye Bimong Event

Korean doll artist Bimong will no longer have a contract with D-Storic after 2012.  The company is offering one last sale of the dolls.

From the company:

Good-bye Bimong Event Details

1. Last Sale on Narin, Narae, Chuu, Dandelion and Parts of 30%

2. Event Duration: 2012. 11. 10 ~ 2012. 12. 31 (Korea Time)

3. Payment Period: FULL PAYMENT Within 48 hours of order placement
Layaways are not offered for this event.

4. Shipping: These orders will be shipped via EMS and are not possible to be shipped as Small Packages.
Previous event orders will be shipped out first. Then, Good-bye event shipments will begin.

* We will fulfill our duties to ship with responsibilities even after our rights to sell terminates if the order is placed on/before December 31, 2012.

* If there are order records with D-storic, we will still provide a/s service even after our rights to sell terminates. As for group orders, we only hold the information of the person who placed this order.

* D-storic will not manage the sale of Artist Bimong’s work starting January 1, 2013.

* Please inquire Bimong Doll for their dolls’ sale starting 2013.


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