Baby White Tiger Ye

LoongSoul has introduced a new 1/6 size anthro doll, baby white tiger Ye.

From LoongSoul:

Ancient Legends Limited “White Tiger of the West” Baby Tiger Ver. “Ye”

Order Period: 2012/10/31~~2013/01/31

*It takes 80~100 workings days to produce event order.^^.

Baby Tiger “Ye” on picture: French White
1.Gender options: default gender: boy. customer could choose boy/girl gender.
2.Resin options:
Regular resin:White, Normal pink, Normal yellow
French resin:French white, French normal pink, French normal yellow
Baby Tiger “Ye” Head x 1(the final mould has no holes that put magnates to attach baby tiger ears)
Baby Tiger ear x 1 pair(including magnets x 2 pairs)
Baby Tiger body x 1(3 part body type, one hole on the hip to attach tail) (Baby tiger hands, Baby tiger calves, Baby tiger feet)
Baby tiger tail x 1(including magnets x 1 pair)
Cat eyes x 1 pair(random). Customer could request two odd-eyed.(random colors).