Doll Leaves X-mas Event

Doll Leaves has started their 2012 Christmas Event.  A Christmas Event doll, Sandy, has been posted. She comes blank and customers may order a face-up and body blushing for their doll.

From the company:

We are happy to bring you 2012 X’mas Event. We thank all your love and support during the past years^^
Event Time: 5th Nov, 2012 ~ 31st Dec, 2012


1. During Event time,

purchasing any Doll Leaves BASIC products ≥ USD200 (Shipping fee not included),

will get a “Sandy” blank doll as free gift ;

2. During Event time,

purchasing any available 1/4 line or smaller BASIC doll,

will get a faceup as free gift;

3. During Event time,

purchasing any available 1/3 line or 70cm BASIC doll,

will be gifted a faceup + any basic blank head / or Blank Sandy as free gift.

1. Each order can only choose one of the above 3 options.
2. Limited edition, Sold out items are not included in the event.

Merry Christmas ^^