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After losing her job, “K6″ of Nympheas Dolls decided to follow her dreams, one of which was to make her own BJDs.  Her first release was Nymphette. She debuted her second doll, Nympheline at Ldoll festival this year.

Q: How did you become interested in BJDs?

A: I’ve always loved the world of children’s toys and art, although BJDs are very far from being “toys”. I never could leave the world of childhood, and I think that is what brought me here!

One day I came across a picture of “Pinky Street”. I’m very curious about toys, so I looked for more information and I arrived on a Pullip forum; obviously I started a collection …

Gradually I discovered BJDs. It was necessary that I have a crush on one of them: a Narae I discovered through user pictures. I found her so realistic and pure, a true beauty. She affected me so much that I absolutely needed one!

I quickly became addicted and I spent everything I had on dolls.  The creative aspect attracted me first; to appropriate a model completely, make it unique, give life.

Q:When and why did you start making your own dolls?

plageA: I had this in mind from the beginning but it seemed to me impossible, I lacked the time. I worked as a graphic designer during the day and the remaining time I was a freelance illustrator. I occupied my evenings and my weekends with drawing mainly, but I’ve always been very scattered and attracted by a lot of things. It is impossible to devote myself to one thing. I updated a blog for years (http://soof.over-blog.com) I post drawings of moods, short films, photos, I test various creative things.  I do not see how with all that I could devote myself to a full doll, so sometimes I practiced modelling faces, but they were really ugly.

Two years ago my company was bought, and everyone one by one has been dismissed. My turn came in August 2011.  finally I could took the time start my first BJD : Nymphette. In addition, I decided to make children’s books and propose projects to book publishers, which was a dream forever!

I managed to find two publishers who published my work. Now I have three books on the market and I am very very happy!

Today I plan to live with these two passions: BJDs and children’s books, and I am expecting my first child. I feel that it’s going to change many things in my life again!

Q: How did you learn how to sculpt dolls?

A: firstly I’m an illustrator, modeling is also part of my life for long time, I often tried to make small figures and figurines, decorative small objects like this:


I drew since I was a child, I spent my time making cardboard house for my toys, coloring books for my sister, among other things. My parents saw that I spent my time drawing and tinkering with things, so they registered me for a degree as a graphic designer. I followed the studies for a graphic designer degree, but I think when you’re really passionate you can work and learn by yourself. It took me time to make Nymphette and when I made my new mold, Nympheline, I found it easier.

When I would look at my creations later I would find defects. This is how we create, when we are satisfied on the spot and then looking back we are sensitive to new details. Then we can progress and never stop learning.

Q:What materials do you use to make your prototypes?

IMG_6361A:I tested many materials and I enjoyed the argile clay, but I realize that it is too fragile. For large pieces that can be OK, but for small pieces it is too brittle. I tried Ladoll which really surprised me, it is easier and sands well and is much stronger. My new ongoing creation, a strange cat,is made with clay and Ladoll for small parts.

Q: Tell me a bit about Ldoll festival. This year’s festival was the first for you?

A: Yes it was my first!

This festival is a great idea and I dreamed of going there, but I swore that when I went there it would be to present something that I did and not as a visitor.
It’s done!

The festival has given me a lot of motivation because I met many people who encouraged me. It’s so hard to believe in yourself, that such interactions are essential to the survival of an artist.

Q:What are you working on now?

A:I am currently working on the strange cat, a small pet for Nymphette and Nympheline, a cat with ears and two tails.

I am also working on two new faces, Fantasia and another little demon which I have not found a name for yet. These demons will be minxes who love to play tricks, the opposite of Nympheline and Nymphette, characters who are more gentle and kind.

 Nympheas Dolls

Photos above: Nymphette (top) and Nympheline.









Fantasia sketch

Fantasia sketch

Pet cat prototype

Pet cat prototype


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