Xenosaga Episode III & Dollfie Dream

VolksUSA posted information on the 5th Pre-order Project  for Dolfie Dream dolls.

From the Tenshi no Sumika Los Angeles:

For our 5th Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project it has been decided that we will collaborate with a popular game, “Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra.”
The official website for this project will also be updated in English. Please check its progress Here!

However, we are very sorry to let you know that Volks USA has limitations on both the items we are able to offer and the area of sale because of overseas copyrights.

Dollfie Dream M.O.M.O
USA Only

     For other items and customers in other areas, Volks Japan’s International Web Site is preparing to help you. Details will be updated on their official website above as soon as more information becomes available. We are sure that all of you are curious about the item details, what the girls will look like, prices, schedule, etc. It is part of the Pre-Order Project’s fun to get the information as it progresses! Please look forward to the updates and don’t miss the opportunity to welcome these girls!