Re-cast Dolls

A post by Grace of Jpop Dolls appeared on the forum The Resin Cafe regarding re-cast dolls.

From Grace:

“It has come to our attention that there is a group who have a forum specifically for discussing the making, trading and selling of recast dolls. We at Resin Cafe do not support anyone who makes, buys or sells recast dolls. It is ILLEGAL to make recast dolls … it is a breach of copyright and a breach of intellectual property. It is also an insult to the artist who has spent many hours and much hard work in making the original doll. You may think you are not hurting anyone by buying recast dolls but in fact you are taking away from the income of the artist and causing damage to the doll industry by supporting this practice. Think of it in these terms … if someone was to steal part of your pay check every week would you feel happy about that? It is theft.”

The information is also available on the Jpop Dolls Facebook page.