~Gothic Bird Cage~


This is a variation on the project Birdcage Abode from last March. The cage I am using for this project is an old one with a cast iron stand that I found at an antique store. While it didn’t appear in very good condition, the problems that the cage and stand had were mostly visual. With some minor repair and painting, I knew that this would be a great cage for a doll display.

The birdcage: I just needed to re-attach some of the metal bars and repaint it, and the cage would be ready to use.

The stand: (This is its base) The stand was a bit chipped and rusty.

In order to re-finish the cage and stand, I used the a spray to cover their surface even if if there was a bit of rust showing. I also found a primer which works on plastic surfaces. That allowed me to paint the hard plastic cage base another color.



Base of the cage being sprayed with primer

After priming the base, I painted it black.  I decided to add a wooden circle that fit within the cage to make a raised floor.  I painted a wobbly checkerboard pattern in cream and black acrylic paint.  I then mixed some umber-tinted clear glaze and rubbed it on the surface and wiped away the excess to give the disc an aged look.


Next I made a cage curtain. It is made similar to the the cage cover from the previous project, but this one was made to work as a frame and background. I hemmed a piece of grey pinstripe velveteen with a solid black backing. On the bottom hem, I sewed vintage sequin trim. Accross the top I sewed a casing and threaded black and white grosgrain ribbon through it and tied a bow.


After I placed the curtain over the cage, I gathered about 5 inches with a basting stitch on each side and partially pulled back the curtain. I knotted the thread.


Here is the cage completely painted with the curtain in place. I took some artificial roses, and after removing the flowers, I lightly sprayed the leaves and stems with flat black paint. Then I replaced the flowers and added the arrangement to decorate the top.


More roses were added at the gathered material at the sides. Here is the cage hanging in the stand. Two dolls and an ornate chair has been added inside.


The dolls in the cage are CircusKane Humpty Dumpty and Charm City Doll Aster.


Humpty Dumpty and Aster in their cage home

Humpty Dumpty is wearing a handmade pleather corset and stretch velvet shorts. She has a rose and tulle band in her hair.  The face-up is pink and grey. The one eye is red glass, and the other is a Ringdoll “electronic” light-up eye.


Aster is dressed as a hairy little imp pet for Humpty.



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