Update: DollClans

DollClans has announced the release time and date for Kien – The Demon of Wealth. Only one doll head will be released.

From the company:

Release notice for Kien ~The Demon of Wealth~

Halloween is approaching. It is time to release the demons from their cages.
DollClans now starts “The Demons Project”.
We will launch first demon on this Halloween.

Kien ~The Demon of Wealth~ is a special custom makeup head for one quantity worldwide.

Kien ~The Demon of Wealth~ released date:
31st October 2012 , 15.00 hr (GMT+7 Bangkok, THAILAND time)
Please refer to this link for our current local time in Bangkok.

Make-up head limited quantity : 1 piece

* Kien ~The Demon of Wealth~ will be shipped within 3~5 working days after payment is confirmed.

The company has also posted their production schedule for the next few months.

From DollClans:

We’re now preparing a lot of things for the end of this year~!

Sale and event schedule

– The Demon Project – 1st Demon : The Demon of Wealth, Halloween Limited Make-up doll head.

– Pre-order period : Siber head / new limited head / new doll. Date is to be announced.
– Year end event.

* From next pre-order onwards, we will shorten pre-order period days from 14 days to be 7 days.
* This briefly sale schedule is flexible and may changed depended on various issues.