Mari – Assassin of Wind

Elemental Guardian SID line Mari is now available at IpleHouse.  The 62 cm tall doll is available for pre-order until November 11. Mari may be ordered in white, normal, peach gold or special real skin resin. She comes with a choice of general or mobility jointed SID girl body with small, large or glamour size breasts. Mari will also come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a pair of heel feet. Options for the doll include face-up (style A, B or C), outfit(s) (Hanbok, assassin set or both), Wig(s) (2 styles with or without Binyeo), shoes (2 styles) and weapons (Knife and/or dagger).

Additional details on the doll, costumes and wigs:


– Hair accessories used in A type is ornaments used for the photo shoot.
– Mari will be assembled with new Y.I.D Girl basic hand parts.

*Wind warrior set- hanbok

Includes : Total 10 pieces including embroidered norigae, jeogori, embroidered band, layered skirt, skirt, rainbow skirt, under skirt, under pants, beoseon, tail ornament.
Made with soft silk fabric.
– You can wear it on small, large and glamour bust size.
– We will send how to wear manual and caution separately with a doll.

*Assassin set

Includes : Total 7 pieces including all-in one set, hood, arm warmer, muffler, belt, sheath and hip sack.
Super sexy Assassin set made with tight leather and mesh.
Put on 7 piece full set which gives wild crocodile leather feeling to make your doll like an assassin like Uma Thurman.
– You can put them on Small, Large, Glamour bust size.
– You can move the pocket and belt attached to the belt.
– Dagger in the photo is not included in the set. If you want to buy them please select them from the option.
– After Assassin set sales ends, we will release this set as a separte item.


Includes : Total 7 pieces including three colored binyeo/ Two types of butterfly binyeo/ crystal hairpin/ 3 types of crystal stick.
Butterfly binyeo, crystal hairpin and crystal stick is made with artificial crystal. Color of crystal will be sent randomly.

The first 10 customers who order and pay for Mari with the Hanbok set will receive the Binyeo set for free.