White Dentelle & Natural Dolls

A new pre-order has opened at Angel Egg Dolls – Resin Menagerie.

From the artist Marmite Sue:

A new pre-order for Resin Angel Egg dolls, for Dentelle and Natural dolls in AE White resin.

I`m also offering a limited edition `Total Look` coordination that includes body painting and a hand made wig.
This limited Edition will be available only for dolls ordered in this pre-order this month,
and only 10 dolls will be produced at max of each of the two `Total Look` options available.

Dentelle and natural  body dolls  may also be ordered with regular body blushing.  The white resin dolls ordered now will be shipped at the end of November (blank dolls) or in December ( with face-up &/or blushing). Bodies and face-plated are ordered separately. The pre-order period may close at any time.