Baby Dollls by Bo Bergemann

New Baby/toddler dolls are now available at  Designer Dolls by Bo Bergemann. 10.25 inches (26 cm) tall Bella Boo, Ella and Emmie come with a new “baby fat” body. They may be purchased as basic dolls with optional face-up (factory or artist) or as Persona dolls.

From the artist:

A persona set is a complete costume. Each option includes the wig, clothing & shoes shown. The set is purchased separately from the doll. If you want a completed artist doll, simply purchase the doll, an artist face up, and the persona set of your choice and I will complete the doll for you like those shown as examples below except that you will choose your own wig style and color, your own eye color and which ensemble you would like. You may even purchase more than one if you would like to change your doll’s personality from time to time.

Two of the outfits Luv Bug Baby Bee and Colorful PlayDate Sunsuit are shown in the photos below. Two more Persona outfits will be added to the website soon.


Bella Boo