An Autumn Walk

Blue Fairy is preparing to release An Autumn Walk dolls. The full-set dolls are being cast in beauty white resin. 33 cm tall  Shiny Fairy Rachel, Jaden V. and Linus full-set dolls will be available to order in very limited quantities.  Due to the limited number of dolls available, the customers that are able to purchase the dolls may be decided by lottery.

From Blue Fairy:

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce that we are going to release the new limited ‘an Autumn Walk’ .
‘an Autumn Walk’ is the quantity limited edition doll. Now we would love to give a special chance to buy this beautiful limited ‘an Autumn Walk’ with a unique way for all of our customers.

Information about Reservation, Shipment and Payment

* Reservation – We will take email reservation first. Each customer can try to reserve one set of each type of the dolls.

Please send us a separate email if you want to try more than one type of the doll.

Order information email will be sent to each winners.