September 24 – 30, 2012

September 24:

Soul Doll released a new Soul Zenith doll named Abigail. She may be ordered in normal or white skin resin with a general or double jointed body.  Abigail will come with a pair of Souldoll eyes. Options for the doll include face-up (default or special request) and heel feet.


DreamingDoll has designed a new 16 Elva girl body. The body is 60 cm tall ( the older Elva body is 58 cm) and is curvier.


Latidoll  releases Limited edition Aladdin dolls.  The 16 cm tall dolls include Lati Yellow  Miel, Cookie, Haru elf, G.Belle, Mystic Coco and Lea. The dolls are all cast in tan skin resin except Haru Elf.  He is cast in light purple skin (normal skin may be requested instead).


Haru Elf (Genie) and Miel (Aladdin)


Miel (Aladdin) & Cookie


G. Belle


Mystic Coco & Lea


presioThe Gem has posted Presio – Elf Archer. He is the New York Comic Con 2012 special release doll. Presio may be pre-ordered until October 8 (Korean time). Presio is being cast in normal skin resin with a choice of simple or extra pose Super Gem body. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, bow and arrows, painting for bow and arrows and bow hands. Also available separately are seam sanding, outfit,wig and boots.



September 26

ellie-icon90Minoruworld will be merged into Blue Fairy on October 1st.

From Blue Fairy/Minoru World:

The Bluefairy’s affiliate, Minoruworld, will be moved and merged with Bluefairy from October 1st.

Junior Line, the original dolls of Minoruworld, will be transferred to the Shiny Fairy line, the most similar head size of Bluefairy’s dolls and their default body will be changed to the Shiny Fairy body.

You will be able to buy the existing Junior body with Choice doll on the Choice menu of Shiny Fairy or you can also find the Junior body part on the Optionparts menu of Shiny Fairy.

All the items which are available only at Minoruworld website will be transferred and available to Bluefairy website.


Angell Studio has released TuSu. He is based on a character from a Chinese Video game 古剑奇谭 (Ancient Sword Legend). The  doll company has been authorized by the game company to produce each of the characters.

68 cm tall TuSu is available as a basic doll. His wig, eyes, outfit, boots, face-up, body blushing, ear piercing and Sword of Flame may be optionally ordered with the doll. TuSu’s outfit, shoes and Sword of Flame are a also available separately.



September 27

Crobi Doll has released Limited Edition B line Rahid. 68 cm tall Rahid is being cast in milk chocolate colored resin.  Both A and B version Rahid will come with a choice of Action or Model body with optional face-up. The company states that only a limited quantity of dolls will be sold.

rahid_a rahid_b

Mint on Card has opened a website for international customers: www.mintoncardinc.com/global.

New Xaga Doll 59 cm tall Hecate and Skuld are available for pre-order at the store. Only 50 of each doll are available. Both dolls may be ordered in normal,V normal or white skin resin. Hecate comes with both regular and sleepy head, random color pair of eyes, wings, horns and tail.  Skuld comes with both regular and sleepy head, random color pair of eyes, wings and wand. Options for both dolls include a face-up for one or both heads, clothing, boots and wig. Hecate and Skuld will come with a free Bobo event doll.  The doll comes blank. Bobo comes in a choice of normal or white resin.






IpleHouse has released basic version SID Stella and EID Roger. The dolls are available in white, normal, peach gold or special real resin. They come with a choice of general or mobility thigh joint body. Stella may be ordered with breast size choices are small, large or glamorous. Roger may be ordered with Super Hero or Model body.  The dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Stella will  also come with both flat and heel feet. Options for Roger and Stella include a face-up in style A, B or C.




September 28

Peak’s Woods is offering a Halloween doll. New A.B. Rogita Blossom -The Witch and Rogita Blossom basic doll will be released soon. The 61 cm tall doll will be available in normal or white skin resin with choice of A or B body with small, normal or large breasts.

Rogita Blossom-The Witch will come with witch face-up, dress (for first 30 orders), acrylic eyes, random wig and both flat and heel feet. Options listed for the doll include horns in white or black resin and special hand parts. Basic Rogita Blossom will come blank with dress (for first 30 orders), acrylic eyes, random wig and both flat and heel feet.  She may be purchased with  with optional default face-up, witch horns and special hand parts.




plutoMaudePluto Dolls has released Maude.  She may be purchased as a full doll or as a head only. 41 cm tall full doll Maude may be ordered with a boy or girl body in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Options include face-up, random color glass eyes and wig shown. The Maude head may also be ordered in white or normal resin with an optional face-up.



Fairyland has released four new RealPuki dolls; Pupu, Popo, Sira and Ara. The RealPukis come in a choice of normal or beautiful white resin. Full-Package dolls come with an additional sleeping faceplate, extra clenching hands, face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, resin shoes and resin accessories. Face-up for the sleeping face is optionally available.Basic RealPukis are sold as blank dolls. The sleeping faceplate may be optionally ordered. Face-up for one or both faces is available.









September 29

Bambicrony  has released their first Fairy Project doll, “Be Sweet on Pink” Judy. She is available as a basic or full-set doll. Judy is cast in limited edition pink resin. 27 cm tall Ciao Bella line Judy comes with fairy ears, glass eyes and clear pink resin wings.  Full-set Fairy Judy also includes a mohair wig and the flower petal outfit (Circlet of flowers, floral top, two color petal skirt, bracelet, anklet). Face-up is an optional addition for both basic and full-set Fairy Judy.

A new Russian doll company, Global Tranz, has released their first project, the Core head designed to fit a Dollshe body. The head is cast by Dollshe in resin colors pale, fresh and oriental.


CircusKane has opened pre-orders for new doll Iracebeth (the Red Queen). The 37 cm tall doll is cast in ivory white resin. The doll will come with a pair of custom glass eyes. She will also come with a free resin pet “the Listener”.


September 30

LoongSoul doll Vermillion Bird TanYue is available for pre-order in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. 69 cm tall basic TanYue comes with a random pair of glass eyes, two pairs of hands, resin wings, resin headdress decoration, and  claw lower legs and feet.  Options include face-up and body painting. The Full-set of TanYue includes a random pair of glass eyes, two pairs of hands, resin wings, resin headdress decoration, claw lower legs and feet, face-up, body painting, wig and outfit with cloak. TanYue comes with large breast size by default.  A switch to medium or small breast piece is available.  An additional breast piece may also be purchased. Human lower legs, feet and hands are not included with the doll.  They may be optionally purchased. Dolls are cast in environmental translucent resin.  Solid urethane resin may be optionally requested.