September 17 – 23, 2012

September 17:

Soul Doll Elan is available in two versions; “School boy” or “Baron”.  52 cm tall Soul Vito Elan may be pre-ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin.  Face-up is available optionally or a special face-up may be requested. Other options include “hidden” or “shown” double jointed Vito body. The outfits shown on the doll are available separately.



September 18:

DIM (Doll in Mind) has released the new Love line girls; Marcellina, Leonora and Odile.  The girls may be purchased as full dolls or as heads only.  Full dolls are available with a choice of the 56.5 Love girl body or 57.5 cm Love 2.0 body. Basic DIM Love line dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig.  A Face-up is optionally available for both full dolls and heads.


(from left) Leonora, Marcellina & Odile

rogebellNapi Doll has released a new doll head, Unicorn Rogebell. The head comes with a detachable magnetic horn. The head may be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin.  A face-up is optionally available.
Sugarble has released The She and Ophelia. The 26 cm tall dolls are available in normal or purebright skin resin. The SugarSleek – S line dolls come with a choice of girl body, glamour body or intersex body. Options for Ophelia and The She include the heads of both dolls, face-up (for 1 or both heads), body blushing and shoes.

The She- Ophelia

The She- Ophelia


September 19

The Gem has released two new dolls for the Limited Elves line, Picro & Sammi – Elamanders. Picro is cast in pale blue resin, and Sammi is cast in baby pink resin.  The dolls will each come with a Teenie Gem neutral body and Elamander hands, head-fins, tail feet. Options include a Teenie Gem body cast in solid pink or blue, face-up, body blushing, wig, Soom eyes, outfit and slippers. Seam removal is also available  through a link at the bottom of each doll’s page. Pre-order for the dolls ends October 3rd (Korean time).


Jpop Dolls has opened pre-orders for a fair skin human version of Kaye Wiggs’ Izzy. 45 cm tall Izzy will come with a random color pair of glass eyes and the face-up shown. Izzy human comes in fair skin tone, and her preorder runs through October 14th, 2012.


Sseiren Doll has released a winking version of 60 m tall Gemma. Gemma comes in a choice of flesh or rose white skin resin. The doll is sold blank with a random eye and both flat and heel parts. Optionally, two different face-up versions of Wink Gemma are available. The outfits shown on wink Gemma are also available for purchase with the doll.


September 20:

SWITCH has released the new limited edition Seoha (Soseo Dream-like version) head. The optional 65 cm Humming Dolly boy body may also be purchased with the head.  Both body and head will be cast in normal skin resin. seoha2


DikaDoll has released two new dolls; 73 cm tall Sleeping Murong  and 43 cm tall Sleeping Blanca. The dolls can be ordered in  normal yellow, normal pink, pure white, ivory white, tan or grey resin (grey and tan are special request colors). Sleeping Murong comes with a choice of either the 3-part or 5-part torso doll body. Dika dolls are sold blank with a random color pair of eyes included. The face-up, wig, outfit and shoes shown on the dolls are optionally available. Jointed hands are also available for Murong.


Illusion Spirit is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary.  The company has released a new 1/3 size doll, named Baitu in two different face-up versions. Baitu is sold blank with a random color pair of eyes included.  The doll may be ordered with a choice of version 1 (60.3 cm) or version 2 (60.5 cm) boy body (height includes head).  An optional face-up in “librarian” (dark) or “angel” (light) style is available. Illusion Spirit dolls are available from authorized retailers.


September 21:

Neo-AngelRegion has released a new version of iMda 3.0 doll Babette. Babette – Like a Butterfly is available in a choice of normal or cream white resin. She is being sold as a basic doll. Optional items for Babette include face-up, outfit, Soom eyes(2 styles) and wig(s). She will be available for pre-order until October 5th (Korean time).


RosenLied has released a new “season limited” doll. Wednesday’s Child Basic Benjamin girl comes with eyes, wig shown, and underpants.She may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. A face-up is optionally available.


Sweet Gale has released a new 62 cm tall boy named Kai. Kai is available in normal or pale resin. He comes with a random color pair of eyes. Previously released dolls Wayne, Jayne and Simon may now be purchased as heads-only. They are also available in both normal and pale resin.



September 22:

Roserin Doll is releasing Dino for pre-order.  The 1/3 size doll head is available in white skin resin only. He will be available for pre-order September 24-6 (Korean time).


DollZone has released new doll Randall.  The 60 cm boy is available as a full-set with face-up outfit, shoes and eyes.  Randall is also available as a blank basic doll with optional face-up. The doll may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin.

IpleHouse has released basic version JID Cecile. She is available in white, normal, peach-gold or special real skin resin. 43 cm tall Cecile comes with a general or mobility JID girl body with small, large or “glamour” size breasts. The doll will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. An optional face-up in a choice of 3 styles is available.

sarah150 AngelsDoll has released new N-line (60 cm line) Sarah.  She is being sold as a basic doll. Sarah may be ordered in  normal, pink white, tan, vivid, Volks compatible normal or Volks compatible white resin. Optional face-up is available.  Sarah comes with the girl’s slim body.


September 23: