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BJDcollectasy finds out more about the digital doll magazine now celebrating it’s 1-year anniversary.


Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

A: My name is Filipa and I am the girl behind Tiny Feet.

I am Portuguese. I have lived in England and in Holland in the past but I am now back to Portugal, and I live with my boyfriend in a small city near the sea side. I have a degree in product design and also work as a photographer and graphic designer. This year my boyfriend and I started our own small design studio, and we are working our way to having a few of our projects available in stores (worldwide and online). It is a lot of work, and I am grateful to have my dolls as a hobby. They bring me joy!

Besides design and dolls, my other interests are illustration and photography. I like to surround myself with beautiful things to inspire my work.

Q: Where did you get the concept for Tiny Feet?

A: Well,Tiny Feet has actually existed in my mind for quite a few years. Amazing doll photos are posted every day. Let’s say I go to my Flickr page and 99% of my friends are doll related. I see so many beautiful pictures, and they just make me think how talented we all are and how much dedication we put into those photos.

Tiny Feet is no more than doll collectors and fans putting together pictures and sharing them with others in a beautiful high quality showcase. That was the starting point. Now that it came true and is out there, I can’t believe how much great feedback we have had, how proud I am of our work and how grateful I am for those who accepted to take this risk with me for the first issue!

Q:Where did the name Tiny Feet come from?

A: Although I had the idea of the magazine in my mind for a few years, it didn’t really have a name… only once I started writing down the whole concept and sending the contributors first invitations I realized that it needed a name…

I had this “I want to walk” feel in my mind, as if this project was talking to me from inside (may sound weird…) and our dolls, big or small, all have these tiny features, tiny hands, tiny feet… and so did the magazine, tiny steps to become what it is now! Hope this makes any sense…

Q: How many people work with you on Tiny Feet?

A: I have been collaborating with an average of 8/9 people for each issue. Once I have the theme chosen, I start inviting people that have something in common with it to join us.

I build a mood board for each number with hints on the feel and kind of images we could have so each contributor has a starting point.
There are guidelines and deadlines for contributors and sponsors; the whole magazine takes about 2 and a half months to be ready.

Once I receive the images, texts and material from everyone I then start building it in the layout and that is one of my favorite things to do.

There is someone that joins me on Tiny Feet all the time, she is my friend Brenda (from Holland). She is in charge of the Tiny Shopping Guide; she contacts the sellers and writes the reviews on their shops.

Q: Where can we find Tiny Feet?

A: Tiny Feet is available online at www.tinyfeetmag.com/allissues for everyone to see for free. From day one, this project was meant to be free so that we all can have a chance to look at the beautiful photos. But since there have been so many requests about a printed version, people can now order it to ship worldwide. We recently had an option on our website so everyone can buy a digital publication of each number for 5.99$ or a pack of all our 4 issues for only 20$, it works on ipod touch, ipad and iphone, it is also great for androids.

Q: So, are you marking your 1st anniversary any special way?

A: About the anniversary of Tiny Feet, I did want to celebrate it in a good way with everyone, but my work as a designer got in the way and the 5th issue got very delayed. It should have been out in July, but it was only possible for me to make it till now… As a sort of celebration, I think Blythecon Europe (Berlin, June) was a good moment, I got to meet in person may of the magazine’s fans and contributors, and chat a bit about the future of Tiny Feet… and I made sure to make a beautiful display for it!

There will be a little note on the anniversary on the 5th issue but that is about it :)

Q:How did your recent submission request for the most recent issue go? Did you have many responses?

A: As for the submissions request it was great! Some amazing illustration artists and collectors approached the magazine with submissions of their work and photos. I got a lot of interest from the BJD community this time also. It was nice that you posted it on BJDcollectasy. A few will actually be featured in the next issue, and some I have put in the Tiny Feet database for future issues.

As for the next number, you can expect a lot of color and a very fresh look at the theme this time. I cannot reveal the theme but it sure relates to most of us! There will be more BJD features this time then in past numbers. The featured artist does both Blythe and BJD face-ups; she is amazing! Also there will be 2 new things in the magazine; one is a little talk about BlytheCon Texas and BlytheCon Europe with photos and notes of someone that attended, and the other is the Collectors Corner, where we will be featuring two collectors with a little look inside at their dolls and interests in the hobby.

Also our next issue is already available for pre-order, the digital version, so whoever purchases it until 14th of September will be sent a copy on the release date, perfect for iPad and for making sure you are the first to see Tiny Feet #5.

The cover of #5 is a photo by Agassi Virnando featuring his sweet Volks SD13 Elena.

Q: Can you tell me about your own doll collection?

A:I got my first doll in September 2005, a Pullip Nina. I still have her untouched, and I love her even though I haven’t taken photos of her in a long long time. Blythe came after, in December that same year. I first got a Piccadilly Encore that I still have but is now customized. I also have another Blythe, a Momoko, a Tiny Betsy, a Dal, Liccas…

BJDs came later in 2008 with a Lati Yellow. My grail doll was a Pocket Fairy Yoko that came in 2009 and got a face-up by Tanya Style. Minis came that same year with a Lati Blue, and I got also a few Unoa heads with custom face up by several artists…
I bought my first SD last year. She is a Ciel from Musedoll with a body from AoD (that I plan on changing sometime in the future). I hardly ever sold any of my dolls, but I am currently in the process of selling the Lati Blue to get a Minifee Mirwen.
Lots of other toys, figures and miniatures lay around here and there in my house!

Photo Above: ad for new issue #5.

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From issue #5 Photos by Nyo & Lyly Pie

From issue #5 Photos by Nyo & Lyly Pie


Out in the Cold by aquadoe

Out in the Cold by aquadoe

Lions and Tigers and Bears… by pixiepoo  Mask project by Christy Bodily

Lions and Tigers and Bears… by pixiepoo Mask project by Christy Bodily

The Tiny Circus by Bakarti

The Tiny Circus by Bakarti

The Enchanted Forest by Benjamin

The Enchanted Forest by Benjamin

Featured artist workspace

Featured artist workspace


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