September 10 – 16

September 10:

Latidoll has now released their first Black line doll, Largo. He is being cast in normal skin resin. 66.2 cm tall Largo is being sold as  a basic doll with a pair of glass eyes. Options for Largo include “mystic” head, face-up, face-up for mystic head, body blushing, wings, fantasy outfit, ceremonial outfit, wigs, shoes and mask and hammer set. The resin parts come painted.


Dollmore has released a new 105 cm tall doll. Trinity Doll Jude comes in a choice of Golden Jude or Black Jude version.  Jude is sold as a basic doll a pair of glass eyes, random wig and “inner dress”. Options available include seam sanding service, default face-up and blushing ( hand and foot blushing or full body blushing including hands & feet).



1ningyotansaleNingyotan BJD Australia will be closing shop.  The retailer is holding a going out of business sale.

From Ningyotan:

Hello to all my customers!!

It is with great regret that I announce Ningyotan BJD Australia will be closing it’s doors.

The decision has come mainly due to time, health and physical room constraints. A lot of regular customers will have noticed their orders in 2012 have taken a lot longer to be dispatched and correspondence has been slow.


September 11:

Rosette School of Dolls has introduced a new Steam Rosette girl, Mia – Chiffon White Dove. The 43 cm tall Muse body doll comes with knee pan parts.  Options for Mia include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, and Steampunk wings.  Mia’s outfit, shoes  and wig are sold separately.  Mia’s Steampunk wings may also be purchased separately. Mia is available for pre-order until September 24th (Korean time).


Doll Chateau has released four 68 cm tall girl dolls named Daphne, Mona, Oort and Jupiter. The Adult line dolls can be ordered in white pink or yellow skin resin.  The girls are available blank.  Options for Daphne, Mona, Jupiter and Oort include face-up and body blushing.  Outfits shown are not included. Doll Chateau dolls may be purchased through their authorized retailers.

(clockwise from top left) Mona, Daphne, Ort, Jupiter

(clockwise from top left) Mona, Daphne, Ort, Jupiter


Two new girls are available from Asleep Eidolon. 58 cm tall girls Silver Dew and Purple Vine will come blank with a random color pair of eyes.  Options include face-up and outfit. The dolls may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Asleep Eidolon dolls are available internationally through their authorized retailers including Think Pink! (Europe) and Mint on Card (North America).


September 12:

Junkyspot and Hujoo Doll has released a collaborative project doll named Freya. Junkyspot now has New Freya in stock.  The 23 cm tall anthro cat doll is cast in ABS plastic. Freya comes blank in a choice of white or grey resin.



rose100Nympheas Dolls  has released Nymphette in new limited edition resin colors tan and rose.  Only 10 dolls of each color are available for order at this time. 20 cm tall Nymphette is being sold blank with optional face-up. The dolls are in-stock and will ship soon after ordering is complete.



September 13:

Luts has now released their new 16 cm tall Tiny line dolls named Dorothy, Peter, Alice and Louis. The dolls are being sold at a 10% discount for a limited time. Resin colors for the dolls include real skin white, real skin normal and real skin brown. The basic dolls come with a random color pair of eyes and a magnetic “blood type part” (the blood type can be chosen). Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, wig, outfit, shoes and painting for the blood type part.

(from left) Louis, Alice, Dorothy, Peter

(from left) Louis, Alice, Dorothy, Peter

Granado has released Void f. Dearly Beloved.  30 dolls are available for this pre-order. Void f. may be purchased as a head-only or as a full doll with a choice of Regular or Nuevo female body (both flat and heel feet are included with the body).  She. comes in a choice of white, normal, pink or sunshine colored resin. Optional face-up may be ordered. Void f.’s blue dress is also available.



RapunzelDoll artist Karen Vander Logt of Karen Vander Logt-Art Dolls has released resin doll Hannah Catherine in three full-set versions; Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and The Princess and the Frog.  The doll was designed by the artist and the face-up and costumes are made by her. The first 10 dolls of each version sold will come with a free domed trunk to store Hannah Catherine’s clothing and accessories.


YID_G_rexy_11IpleHouse has released the basic version of YID line Rexy and they have introduced a new YID girl named Audrey. Resin colors available for the dolls include white, normal, peach-gold or special real skin. 58.7 cm tall Rexy  and Audrey can be ordered with a general or mobility YID girl body with small, medium, large or “glamour” size breasts. The dolls will include a random color pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. An optional face-up in a choice from three styles is available.


September 14:

kidult-celia150 Dollmore has released a new Kidult girl named Celia.  The 32 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Basic Celia comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig. Sanding service, face-up and body blushing are optionally available.


September 15:

Doll artist Kappa of DollGru has opened pre-orders for new #12 head.  Photos show the head used as a boy and as a girl. The head is compatible with Volks SD and SD10 boy and girl bodies and SD13 girl bodies (and other similar size bodies).#12 may be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. (normal-based on almost Korean companies, white based on Luts-delf white). Default face-up is not an option, but a custom face-up can be requested from the artist. The pre-order period ends September 30 (Thailand time).

dollgru no12


Dear Mine  has released three full-set dolls; Priscilla – Blue Ribbon, Angela – Red Feather  and Dune – Silver Scales. Basic Angela will also be available for pre-order. The anthro cat girls are 40 cm tall, and Dune is 41 cm tall. The pre-order opens at 10:00 PM Korean time.



September 16:

WithDoll has released new Dark Elf Angela. Only 50 LE dolls are being released. The 41 cm tall doll will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes, two extra hands (for holding sword & sheath) and heel feet. Angela can be ordered in cream white, rose white, normal, gray, brown tan, rosy brown and UV protectant  real,  gray, rosy brown or  brown tan resin. Options for the doll include face-up, outfit, wig, and resin parts and accessories (two handed sword, leg armor, skull mask, armored shoes, spaulder) and painting for the resin parts.