September 3 – 9, 2012

September 3:

Crobi Doll has released Limited Edition Matsuri Lance, Sinbi and Soi on September 3rd. The dolls will be cast in milk chocolate colored resin.  63 cm tall Lance and 59 cm tall Soi and Sinbi are being sold blank with optional face-up available.



60 cm tall Norris and and 62 cm tall Lucia are now available at DollZone. They are both available as a full-set with face-up, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes shown. Lucia and Norris may also be purchased as a basic blank doll with optional face-up. Resin colors available for the doll include, normal pink, normal yellow, white and tan.


Or-Doll  has created a new version of doll head Eris.  Eris-B has pointed elf ears. The doll head is designed to fit Volks SD10girl/boys, SD13girl, or SD16girl or similar size bodies. Eris-B is available in normal or white skin resin. A face-up is optionally available.


September 4:

ImplDoll has released a new ImpYoung doll named Adela. The 46 cm tall doll can be ordered in a choice of real, white, pink, tan, gray or dark tan skin resin. Basic Adella comes with a removable horn, random color pair of glass eyes and a storage bag. Options available include face-up, wig and outfit.


September 5:

Little Monica has released a new basic Harmony doll named Ginger. The doll was originally an nDoll exclusive.

From Little Monica:

A new Harmony Boy is released, Ginger Raureed! He was Luise sold through nDoll.
Please welcome him back! ^^

A limited outfit is released with him too. Billionaire!This outfit is 20 set limited worldwide.


A new Limited Edition version of Dahlia has been released at Dollmore.  New Secret Garden Dahlia is a limited to only 10 dolls. The 79 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin and includes ball jointed hands. Dahlia will also come with face-up, hand blushing, glass eyes, braided wig, clothes set (hair ornament, cape, cuffs,c hoker, bear doll, brown outer dress, apron, ivory inner dress, socks) and Mary Jane shoes.


The Gem has released a new 1/6 size Faemon line doll. Ignis – Fire Elemental is cast in baby pink skin resin. The doll comes with unisex body, removable ears and a  “fire” head piece, neck piece and tail. Options include face-up body blushing, Soom eyes and seam sanding. The outfit shown is available separately and fits Teenie Gem and Faemon dolls. Ignis is available for pre-order until September 19 (Korean time).



Featherfall has released Dark Elf Iruhi. He will be the last version of the Featherfall exclusive sculpt to be released. 1/4 scale Iruhi is available as a head-only or with a body (male or female). Iruhi comes with magnetic fox ears.

From the Retailer:

As a last hurrah, the last special Iruhi we will be releasing is a DARK ELF IRUHI; he will come in the special Deep Grey Skin ( and random eyes) PLEASE NOTE THAT DARK TONED RESIN IS MORE PRONE TO IMPERFECTIONS/ SANDING MARKS ET AL. Be aware of that when purchasing this product..
BODY OPTIONS: girl or boy body of your choice.

Outfit is also available for separate purchase.



September 6:

Dollheart has announced that they are now able to reproduce Dollheart costumes in human sizes. Photos hand information was posted on the DollHeart Facebook page.

From the company:

Good news for all cosplayers!!!
DollHearts is launching own design doll clothes into human clothes.
Basically in three sizes (S,M,L), also have tailor-made services.Please email us if you have any special size inquiry.
(You can order any Dollheart’s design, and it will charge extra USD200.)
Shipping free for China and USA region.
If you are interest, please feel free to contect us. Email: dollheart.info@gmail.com



elfiNDOLL has released  new versions of their tiny Kitty and Bunny dolls.  12 cm tall My Lord Bunny and My Butler Kitty are being sold as full-set dolls with body painting, eyes, outfit and shoes.



September 7:

A new doll by BJtales is now available for pre-order at Jpop Dolls. 28 cm tall Phantom is being cast in white resin. She will come with face-up, body blushing (including manicure and pedicure) and custom glass eyes.  Phantom’s pre-order will be open until October 5. Delivery is expected in late January 2013.


IpleHouse released new Special Edition doll EID size Douglas.  The 70 cm tall doll will be available for pre-order until October 1st (Korean time). Douglas comes in normal, peach gold, special real or light brown skin resin. The basic doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes.

Douglas can be ordered with a Model or Super Hero EID body with a choice of general or mobility thigh joints. Options for the doll include face-up (choice of 3 styles), extra scar head, scar head face-up (choice of 3 styles posted below), outfit (tailcoat, shirt, vest, tie, brooch, cape, trousers), mask, shoes and wig.



September 8:

DD-Anne of FairyGarden released her latest dolls from the series Alice in Underland.  The dolls available include Alice, The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.  A table and chair set designed by the artist is also available. The 1/6 size dolls are being sold as full-sets.  The number of  dolls available for pre-order is very limited. The prices for the dolls are HERE.

dd-anne alice


D-Tale is now selling a new doll head named Yjuki. She is designed to fit Volks SD10, SD13 and SDGR and similar size bodies.  Yjuki is available in  normal or white skin resin.  Face-up is optionally available. This is the first doll head offered by the company. Only 10 heads will be sold at this time.


LittleRebel has released a new 1/3 doll head designed to fit 60 cm bodies.  Seven is being offered at a pre-order discount.

He is 1/3 size (compatible with 60cm dolls).* Skin colour: Normal skin (Similar to Volks pureskin uv-cut, Popodoll normal, Dollshe oriental skin, Spiritdoll normal).
* Custom face up is available this time.


September 9:

Bo Bergemann of Bergemann Dolls has announced a collaborative project with Dollheart. Their first release is the full-set doll Sophie’s Denim Dreams. The doll is being cast in “shimmer” colored resin. Additional versions in pink sugar and brown sugar resin will be available exclusively at the Modern Doll Collector’s convention. Sophie comes with the slim mini size 40cm Dream Doll body . She will have a face-up by the artist.


A new Chinese resin BJD company has opened called Shine Doll. The company currently sells 1/3 size male and female  dolls, 72 cm tall “Uncle” size boys and 68 cm “Lady” line girls.  Shine Doll can also be commissioned to make custom portrait doll heads. A wide variety of resin colors are available. Company representative  for international sales, Stacy, has posted information on Shine Doll on Den of Angels HERE.