August 27 – September 2, 2012

September 2:

Jpop Dolls has opened pre-orders for a new doll by Linda Macario. Fair skin Mimi is Linda Macarios new 11″ or 28cm BJD, She will come with a face-up and glass eyes. Her pre-order is open through September 30th. Estimated shipping date for Mimi is January 2013.



DollZone has updated their 1/4 size girl body.  A new girl doll has also been posted. 44 cm tall Sherry is available as a full-set with face-up, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes shown. She may also be purchased as a basic blank doll with optional face-up. Resin colors available for the doll include, normal pink, normal yellow, white and tan. ( Photos of the body and comparisons to the previous body can be found HERE.)



September 1:

Jpop Dolls has announced that they will now be carrying OOAK dolls and fashions by Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls.

From the company:

Dear Jpopdolls Customers,

Jpopdolls is so very happy to announce that we will now be an official dealer for OOAK Marbled Halls doll, clothing and shoes.

We will also have special limited offers on her limited production dolls and clothing. Please take a look at our first 2 offerings. Clothing and shoes will be coming in a few days.

Marbled Halls on JpopDolls.net

OOAK Dolls Town Seola with face-up & fullset by Marbled Halls

OOAK Dolls Town Seola with face-up & fullset by Marbled Halls


August 30:

Granado is releasing the first doll of their Unic line of one-off dolls.  Pink resin  Fayette; Witch of Withering will come with special face-up, glass “witch” eyes and painted “Cupid’s withering” flower. Fayette will be assembled with the Nuevo girl body with large size breasts. One-off  Fayette will be released on 30th August 2012.


Leeke World has launched their free doll event.  [Gift Project] Little Mermaid will be a gift with qualifying orders. She is 23 cm tall and will come with a human body or with a mermaid body. The human version of the doll will be available sometime in the future, but the mermaid version is available for this event only.

From the company:

From August 30th to September 26th, 2012.(KST)

* If you order the items over $350 USD (Include shipping fee),
we will give you Little Mermaid (Human Body) as a gift. – Mermaid Head + Human Body

* If you order the items over $450 USD,
we will give you Little Mermaid (Mermaid Body) as a gift. – Mermaid Head + Mermaid Body


August 29:


Pluto Dolls  has released Limited Millicent Summer Place Version. The doll is Pluto’s first tan BJD. The outfit shown on the doll is also available for separate order. Millicent, 1910 SP is available from now until September 30.


CircusKane has announced that pre-orders for Ettie are now open. Ettie is about 35cm, Yo-SD size, and she will be cast in white resin. She will come with a handmade pair of glass eyes and her free resin jointed pet friend ” The Winged Whale.”


August 28:

Idealian has released a Special Order version of Gluino.  The human version of Gluino is available in normal skin resin. The Idealian72 line doll will be sold blank with optional face-up and body blushing.The pre-order period for the doll is August 28 – September 11 (Korean time).



August 27:

Doll artist Daisy Dayes’ Limited Edition tiny doll Mouse was released nearly two years ago. Now the doll has returned in a new resin color.  Light tan Mouse is available for pre-order until September 16 at Jpop Dolls. 15 cm tall Mouse  comes with face-up and glass eyes. Mouse can wear some Lati Yellow-size clothing (She is slightly slimmer). Shoes and wigs that fit Mouse are available at Jpop. Estimated delivery for the doll is January.


Migidoll ha opened pre-orders to international customers.  The company’s latest doll Mu is now available.

All dolls may be purchased as complete dolls or as heads-only. They are available in A type resin or B type resin in normal or white skin (B skin is made to be similar to Volks resin color). The full dolls will come with a random color pair of eyes and a random wig.