August 20 – 26, 2012

August 20:

Dream High Studio has released a new 14 cm tall fairy doll named Feilene.  She is a limited edition of 25 dolls.  Feilene is cast in milky white resin which glows blue in the dark. She will include a face-up, body blushing, eyes and magnetic wings. Feilene  also comes with free shipping.


Doll Leaves has launched a new line of 70 cm tall dolls.  Lief and Len may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Their face-ups are optionally available.

Leif (left) & Len

Leif (left) & Len

Angell Studio has posted new Charm line doll Hong Lee. The doll comes with the Senior body. He is sold as a basic doll with optional face-up, body blushing, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes. Angell Studio dolls are available in a wide choice of resin colors, both french and opaque.


August 21:

A new version of BJtales’ Mouse in light violet resin is now available for pre-order at Jpop Dolls.  The 13  cm tall doll will come with a face-up, custom made glass eyes, full body blushing, and hand and foot manicure. The pre-order is open until September 17. Delivery is expected in late November/December.



August 22:

Quartz – Ice Dragon is now available for pre-order at The Gem. The Legend Collection Super Gem size doll will be cast is a choice of snow blue or cream white resin. 65 cm tall Quartz will come with ice dragon horns and ice dragon claws and legs.  Options for the doll include a choice of simple or extra pose body, face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.  Seam sanding may also be ordered through a link at the bottom of the doll’s page.  Quartz’ pre-order period ends September 5 (Korean time).



evanThe website Raurencio Studio has closed.  According to Fabric Friends and Dolls they have since opened RSdoll. The new company has introduced a new male body and released new sculpts.




August 23:

My Dolling has released the new version of 41 cm tall HeeAhh. HeeAh Fall in Love is sold blank with optional face-up. She may be ordered in french resin normal or Korean normal or tan resin.


WithDoll has released a new Daniela.  41 cm tall Daniela comes with acrylic eyes, three hands and heel feet. Resin color choices for the doll include cream white, rose white, normal and real (UV protect resin). Options for the doll include face-up, wig, straw hat, boots and outfit (knit vest, halterneck print dress, belt).



August 24:

The Gem has released two new special order dolls, Grit & Syen – Sweet Tooth Fairy. The normal skin resin basic Teenie Gem doll may be ordered as a boy (Grit) or girl (Syen). Options available include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes. Seam sanding may also be ordered separately through the link at the bottom of the doll’s page. The outfit, wig and boots shown on the doll may be ordered separately. Grit and Syen are available until September 9 (Korean time).



August 25:

Momocolor has released  limited edition tan resin versions of Lucy and Bonnie. The full-set versions of Lucy and Bonnie are limited to 15 of each doll.

From the company:

This is Momocolor.

We’re very glad that we’re going to release tan skin girls<3

-Lucy tan skin full set-
Limited 15 sets Only / Aug.25.2012 PM7(korea time)

-Bonnie tan skin full set-
Limited 15 sets Only / Aug.25.2012PM7(korea time)


Bonnie (left) & Lucy

Bonnie (left) & Lucy

Aileen Doll has introduced a new version of their resin pet dragon doll.  Rot is a limited edition of 60 dolls.  The 12 cm tall dragon comes with attached wings that may be posed and detachable horns and “flame”. Rot is cast in white resin. Options include eyes and face and body painting.



Aileen Doll has released their first full doll; Elf Dite. The 35 cm tall doll comes with a sword, shield, eyes and suit of armor. Options for Dite include face-up, wig, cape and armor painting. SHe is cast in normal skin resin.


August 26:

LoongSoul has released new 73 cm boy doll Muxuan and 69 cm girl doll Ruoxue.  Loongsoul BJDs are available in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan or french normal pink, normal yellow, white and tan skin resin. Muxuan and Ruoxue are being sold as basic dolls with a random pair of  acrylic eyes included Options for the dolls include face-up, wig, the eyes shown in the photos and shoes.

Muxuan & Ruoxue

Muxuan & Ruoxue


Ringdoll has released new Zombie Sol. The 72.5 cm tall Ring Special line doll is cast in grey resin. The full-set version of Zombie Sol includes a zombie head (with face-up), a normal head (with face-up), zombie body, eyes, wig and outfit.

From the company:

Zombie SOL is a limited doll for this Halloween from Dark Ringdoll–order accepted from 9/1/2012–10/31/2012.
Ringdoll company will try to complete the September orders before the middle of October.


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