August 13 – 19, 2012

August 13:

Sadol has released a special white resin version of  Byeol-Ha for their 9th anniversary.  The limited edition doll may be purchased in a full-set version, a basic version, or as a head only. The Sadol Star70 body may also be purchased in white resin.

Full-set Byeol-Ha comes with face-up, a random color pair of glass eyes, wig, outfit (jacket, shirt, trousers, vest, bow tie, neck tie, jewelry) and shoes. The basic version of the doll and the doll head are sold blank with optional face-up. Byeol-Ha  will only be available for order  until August 27 (Korean time).



August 14:

Lillycat has now opened a new pre-order for Ready-to-Custom dolls Manon and Loonette. The dolls come with the Cartoon body. Both dolls are approximately 40 cm tall (for Loonette, minus the ears). Loonette and Manon are available as full dolls or head-only. The body is also available alone. The dolls are being cast in cream white resin.The breast size comes in a choice of “standard” and “young”.  The outfit, shows eyes and wig  shown in each doll is included.  Face-ups are not available. A surprise gift will be sent with a doll purchase. The pre-order period closes on October 15.

Loonette (left) & Manon

Loonette (left) & Manon

The Gem has released Grey & Ace – Wind Elves. The new Elves Line dolls will be available for pre-order From Aug. 14 to Aug. 28 (Korean time). The Mini Gem boy (31.5 cm) and girl (30 cm) dolls will each come with additional parts (fox legs, fox ears, sharp nail hands and wind wings). Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Seam removal is also available. Ace and Grey may be ordered in either cream white or grey resin.



French artist Mewie Fish has made the first casts of new doll Bactro.  Four dolls will be brought to Ldoll Festival.  The doll will then be opened for pre-orders. Bactro is 38.5 cm tall.

From the artist:

I’m happy to announce that my new doll Bactro is now in resin ^^
I made a few copies for the Ldoll festival and I’ll be able to take orders after the festival. I’ll sell my dolls internationally after the show.
You can check my blog to see the pictures of a blue Bactro ! She wears 7.5″-8″ for wigs and 20mm eyes.



August 15:

DIM (Doll in Mind) has released two new 30 cm Sweet Line dolls with a new version body. The dolls come cast in normal skin resin. Face-up is optionally available.

From the company:

Dear Customers,

We have finally modified the body of 30cm.

Here is the new models.

Trisha Half closed eyes, Aria

Wig & eyes are random and outfit is included.


ApoDoll has opened pre-orders for new12.5 cm tall doll Boni.

From the artist:

Hi dear friends and collectors!
I would like to announce that Boni preorder is now open (from 15th August to 15th September 2012). As you know, you can order her in cream normal or light tan color. I can accept two parts layaway if needed.



Secretdoll has released five Special Person dolls as a limited edition series “The Person of the Past”. One doll, Special Person 17, is a new sculpt. The 19 cm tall dolls will be available for pre-order until September 23 (Korean time). Each doll will come in the resin color shown along with face-up, wig and handmade paper clay eyes. The outfit and shoes set shown with each doll may be optionally purchased.



August 16:

LoongSoul has two new dolls, 62 cm Bloom line Allen and 45 cm Bud line Arthur. Loongsoul BJDs are available in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan or french normal pink, normal yellow, white and tan skin resin.



missmayerDikadoll has released new dolls Sarielle, Edime and a cat figure called Miss Mayor. Dika Dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, ivory white and pure white resin.( Grey is available as a special order.) The dolls may be purchased as a full doll or as a head only. The bodies are also available separately.  Optional additions include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. The dolls are available through authorized retailers.




August 17:


Dream Head v. 10

Dream of Doll has released their new dolls  Adolph and Tanesia. Dream Head version 10 is now also available.  Adolph is may be ordered with a choice of DOT or DOI body.  Tanesia may be ordered with a choice of old or new body. The dolls are sold with a random pair of acrylic eyes. DOT size dolls also come with a random wig. The outfits shown are optionally available, but shoes are not included. A face-up may be ordered through the Make-up section of the site (A free face-up is available as part of the limited time event.). The new Dream Head is also an event item.  A face-up may be optionally ordered for the head. A resin choice for the new dolls is not listed.  The dolls are shown cast in normal skin resin.


Dollmore has released a full-set version of Model doll Keeley Sum. 66.5 cm tall Tell me your Wish: Keeley is available in a limited edition of 20. The tan skin doll comes with a large-breasted Glamor body, face-up, partial blushing, eyes, wig, and outfit ( top, pants, skirt, headdress, face cover, panties, anklet, bracelet).



August 18:

Volks, Japan is now taking applications from international collectors for the Home Town Dolpa Sendai limited items. More information may be found HERE. The last date to submit purchase applications is August 21st by 10:00 AM Japan time.



August 19: ~~~~~


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