August 6 – 12, 2012

August 6

DollZone has released a new 60 cm tall doll named Herman.  He is available as a basic doll (blank doll with random color pair of eyes included) or as a full-set. The basic doll can be ordered with an optional face-up.  Full-set Herman includes a face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.  The doll may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin.

DollClans will be sending doll heads with OOAK and limited face-ups to Dollism Plus Tokyo with doll retailer Dolk (DolkWorld).  The heads will be convention-only items.

From the company:

DollClans has cooperated with DOLK Japan for Dollism Plus Tokyo event, which will be held on August 19th, 2012 at Tokyo, Japan.

DOLK will bring our limited items for sale in event.

One-Off make-up heads (available for 1 quantity of each type)
Vezeto ~King of Power~
– Kien~Queen of Lust~
– Siber ~Jack of Ambition~
– Siber sp. ~Ace of Death~
– Kien ~The Joker~

Limited make-up heads (available for 5 quantities)
– Kien ~Twin Pistols~

Unfortunately, DollClans will not be attending at Dollism Plus Tokyo.

All items will be available to buy at DOLK booth in Dollism Plus Tokyo only.
Items will not be sold online at our official website.

We hope you will give a lot of support for our dolls at event!



Pipos is now offering a selection of dolls in a variety of resin colors for their Summer Special Order event.

From the company:

[Event doll]

JR.PI Ringo (Beige,Pink)
Rooney(Lavendaer, Light blue)
Cheese Mouse (Beige,Pink)

PI Cheshire(Mint,Pink)
Star Cheshire(Mint,Pink)

R.PI Demon (Mint, Light Blue)
Charlotte (Mint, Light Blue)
Derek (Mint, Light Blue)

M.PI MINUET(Grey, Mint)
HOPEN(Grey, Mint)

PO13 SANDLE(Grey,Mint)

All the dolls are sold blank with a pair of acrylic eyes. The dolls may be ordered with an optional face-up. Additional resin tail and beast hand parts are available.

Jr.PI line Baby Cheshire, Cheese Mouse, Ringo and PI line Cheshire are also being sold in limited edition lavender resin versions.The pre-order for all the dolls ends August 31st.


August 7 ~~~~~


August 8

Little Fairy Tails BJDs has peach resin Faber Faun available for pre-order. The 17 cm tall doll by American doll artist Nikki Britt comes in a choice of basic or full package versions.  Basic Faber comes with face-up, magnetic hair piece, glass eyes and hoofed feet. The full package version of Faber includes face-up, magnetic hair piece, glass eyes, “baby” antlers and both hoof and human feet. The doll may be pre-ordered with 30% down payment with the remainder to be paid when the doll is ready to ship to customers.  The pre-order period ends September 30.  Shipping will occur in late October-November.



The Gem has released a new Faery Legend doll, Labas – Weaponsmith Sprite. He will be available for pre-order until August 22 (Korean time). 31.5 cm tall Mini Gem doll Labas is cast in sienna colored resin with transparent vermillion resin fairy wings and legs. Face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig and outfit are additionally available.



August 9

Dollmore has now released the new boy version of Sleepy Eyes Flocke.  The 43.5 cm tall Kid Dollmore doll is available in normal skin resin. He will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig, and underwear. Options for the doll include face-up (default or custom), body blushing and seam sanding.



IpleHouse has released the first two dolls or their new 35 cm tall KID line.  Both Special Edition Lonnie and Joy can be ordered as a boy or as a girl. The KID bodies come in a general version or mobility version with upper thigh joints. The dolls may be ordered in white, normal, peach or special real skin resin. Three different face-up styles are optionally available. There is a choice of outfit sets offered; the “baroque set  and the “punk set” for boys and girls. Matching shoes can be ordered for the outfits. Six wig styles are offered. The dolls will be open for pre-order until September 2nd.

August 10: ~~~~~


August 11

Minimachina20American doll artist Batchix has released two new small Machina dolls.  The Mini Machina are now available for pre-order.

From the artist:

New 29cm Mini-Machina!

The girls come in Minty Teal or White skin and are limited to 30 of each color.

The dolls are sold blank with a pair of glass eyes.  Options for the girls include face-up and extra head. The pre-order for Eta and Delta will run until September 16.  Limited layaway is available.


August 12

Jpop Dolls is now offering a new tiny doll by a new artist.

From Jpop:

Bubble Pop by Kerrie Sawyer of Throughthemagicdoor

Please welcome Bubble Pop by Australian artist Kerrie Sawyer, Throughthemagicdoor ! What a joy it is to be able to offer this girl! Kerrie has been making one of a kind fairy girls for quite some time but this is the first ever offering in resin, and she is just too adorable!

She is light tan skin tone
4 inches tall.
6mm eyes, size 3-4 wig.

Wig is not included. She will come nude.

Preorder runs until September 9, 2012.
Delivery is December 2012



A new 46 cm tall fantasy doll named Devin is now available at ImplDoll. The Imp Young line boy can be ordered in a choice of real, white, pink, tan, gray or dark tan skin resin. Devin’s horn is removable. Basic Devin comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and a storage bag. Options available include face-up, wig and outfit.


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