July 30 – August 5, 2012

July 30

Neo-AngelRegion (formerly Angel Region) has released Petite Gian. the iMda 2.2 line doll may be ordered in normal or cream white resin.  She will come with a pair of Soom blue-green eyes.  Options for Gian include face-up, mohair wig, outfit (1 piece dress, stockings), shoes, and a painted bisque doll.


 Volks USA will be taking applications next month for the purchase of items from the Home Town Dolpa Sendai. The limited items include SD Graffiti Boy Tsunenaga Hasekura. Lottery entries will be accepted from Sunday, August 12 11:00AM PST to Wednesday, August 15 11:00AM PST. The winners of the lottery will be able to purchase the dolls. VolksUSA sells to customers in North America.


July 31


Fabric Friends and Dolls will be offering an exclusive doll from Dream High Studio. Iris is a 7 cm tall micro fairy. She will be a limited edition of only 20 dolls.


August 1

The Gem has released Special order Super Gem doll Nephelin – Estival Muse. The 65 cm tall normal skin resin doll is available with a choice of simple or extra pose body. Options for Nephelin include face-up and body blushing. Nephelin’s eyes, wig, outfit and sandals are available separately. 50 Nephelin dolls are available for this pre-order which ends August 15 (Korean time).



DollFactory has released new dolls 1/3 Senior Ari Sophie, Noah, Sweet Yeon, 1/6 Tiny Ari Lily and Pet Ari Kiki 2nd. Kiki is cast in normal skin resin, and the other dolls are available in normal or white resin.  Additionally, Noah, Sophie and Lily can be ordered in tan resin versions. All of the dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. They may be ordered with optional face-ups. Sophie comes with both flat and heel feet, and is available with a choice or small, medium or large breast size. Sophie’s and Lily’s outfits are available separately.




Monodee has released a new doll head for a Volks SD size body.  The Gelda & Kai head is available in normal skin resin. The head may be ordered with a girl face-up (Gelda) or boy face-up (Kai). The head is shown in photos on Volks SD normal skin bodies.



Hujoo Doll has recently released two new 1/4 size girls in normal skin abs plastic. 43.5 cm tall Teen Yumi and Chicaloca come with the Action Doll body.  They are being sold as full-sets. Both Yumi and Chicaloca come with a choice of normal or large breast piece. Face-up, wig, a random color pair of eyes, outfit and shoes are included with each doll. The Chicaloca doll is a licensed version of a Chicaloca brand and character in Korea:





 DollZone has started their Summer Event. For a limited time, customers with qualifying purchases may choose a free doll. MuMu and YaYa are 16 cm tall. HanHan and GuoGuo are 28 cm tall. Customers can choose white, yellow or pink resin for their gift doll. The event runs until August 31st (China time).



August 2

Berdine Creedy Originals has opened pre-orders for Sweet Suzy.  The 17 inches tall resin BJD can be ordered until August 21 (EST USA). Suzy can be purchased as a full-set doll with face-up, wig, eyes and outfit.  Four different versions are available designed by seamstresses Michele Hardy, Gale Torres and Diana Lemieux.  Suzy is also available as a blank basic doll with or without glass eyes. A down payment may be made to secure the doll.  Delivery is expected to begin in late October.


Dollmore has released a new version of Kid Dollmore Flocke.  43.5 cm tall Sleepy Eyes Flocke girl is available in normal skin resin.  She will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig, and underwear. Options for the doll include face-up (default or custom), body blushing and seam sanding.



Pluto Dolls has opened an Ezekiel and Philippa doll head pre-order. The heads are designed to fit SD and SD13 Volks and similar size bodies. Phillipa and Ezekiel are available in a choice of white or normal skin resin. A face-up may be optionally ordered. Ezekiel & Philippa’s sculpts are the same as before, but the head closing has been improved.



August 3

Dover – The Secret Count  has been released at Idealian.  He is an Idealian72 line Special Order doll. 72 cm tall Dover is being cast in normal skin resin.  Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, shoes, goggle-glasses and cane-gun. Dover’s outfit and wig are sold separately. His pre-order is open until August 19 (Korean time).



1/4 size dolls Kira and Amara are now available in basic versions at Doll Leaves. The dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  The default face-up shown may be optionally ordered.






ImplDoll has released new 16.5 cm tall tiny doll Ama.  He can be ordered in white, real, pink, dark brown, tan or grey resin. The doll will come with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Options for Ama include a face-up, outfit and wig.



August 4 ~~~~~

August 5

A new girl named ZiXia can now be seen at LoongSoul. The 58 cm tall Bloom line girl comes as a basic doll with a random color pair of acrylic eyes included. Options for ZiXia include face-up, wig, outfit, hat and necklace. Loongsoul BJDs are available in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin.



Chesca of Slinky Neko has released a new OOAK doll, “The Loner” Haroo.  The 25 cm tall normal skin resin doll comes with two custom-dyed dresses, special face-up, glass eyes and shoes.