July 23 – 29, 2012

July 23

Luts My Choice is now available for Junior Delf, Senior Delf and Super Senior Delf boy dolls.  Resin color, head sculpt and body type (Senior only) can be chosen by the customer. Luts now offers three resin colors; normal, white and new brown.



LoongSoul has released a new Fantasy line  doll named Amalthea.

Amalthea is 38 cm tall.  She may be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow,  or french white, french normal pink, french normal yellow, or french tan resin. Her face-up, outfit, eyes, wig and crossbow can be ordered optionally.  Optional painting is available for the crossbow. (Body blushing information is not available at this time.  This information will be updated.)


July 24

Kaye Wiggs’ new doll Tobi has been released at Jpop Dolls.  She is a new size. The doll will come with face-up and a pair of glass eyes. She wears 1/4 size clothing.

From Jpop:

Kaye Wiggs’ new 54cm BJD, Tobi, is now up on JpopDolls.net for preorder!!

Darling Tobi has a whole new body, is 54cm tall and has lovely and unique features. For this first preorder we have Tobi human in fair skin and Tobi elf in sunkissed skin.

Her preorder lasts through September 1st, 2012.


IpleHouse has released two new BID line dolls named Chloe and Peekaboo. They are being sold as basic dolls in a choice of white, normal, peach gold or special real skin resin. The dolls are available with a choice of boy or a  girl body with optional mobility thigh joints. Both Chloe and Peekaboo may be ordered with a face-up in a choice of style (A, B or C). Many new fashions have been added to the website for the BID line. New clothing is also available for EID, SID and JID line dolls.




July 25

The Gem has now released new Elves line dolls Wave and Soda. The “Sea Elves” come with translucent fish tails.  Soda comes in normal skin resin, and Wave comes in pale violet resin. Options for the dolls include face-up, a human body, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit set and shoes. Seam sanding is offered separately through a link at the bottom of the order page. The 1/6 Teenie Gem size bodies offered are gender neutral.



Musedoll has a new limited edition doll available named Calliope. Only 20 full-sets of Calliope are available. The 58 cm tall doll comes in a choice of rose pink or creamy white skin resin. Included with Calliope are the outfit (gown, lingerie, skirt, head-piece, choker, booties, special pouch), wig and a random color pair of glass eyes. Face-up is also included with the doll but the tattoo is an optional addition.

calliope2 calliope


Angell Studio has released Miss Butterfly. She is available in a choice of normal pink or sold butter colored resin. (Other colors may be available. Contact the company with questions.)  Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, “Butterfly” Chinese costume, braided wig, brown eyes and shoes. The outfit is also available for purchase separately.



Fairyland has released the new Feeple60 dolls. The dolls are available as limited edition  full-sets or as a la Carte orders.

The full-sets available include The Bishop and The King. They can be ordered in natural or beautiful white resin.  The Bishop is available with a choice of Chloe, Mirwen or Lishe head. The King is available with Karsh, Luka or El head. Optional sleeping heads (blank or with face-up) may be ordered with the dolls.  The full-set dolls will come with face-up, a random color pair of eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.Only 150 of each doll will be released.

A la Carte versions of the Feeple60 dolls come with the 2 resin choices, 6 head choices, body choice, hand style choice, face-up,  and optional sleeping head (blank or with face-up).





July 26

Granado has released new Davon. He will be available for pre-order July 26 (China time). The resin colors available for the doll include white, normal, pink and sunshine. There are now three body choices for Granado male dolls; 64cm  68cm and the recently released Nuevo boy body. Face-up and ball jointed hands are optionally available for Granado boy dolls. (Only the light face-up can be ordered.)


AnotherSpace2 has introduced their first tiny doll named Ttang Kko Ma. She is 19 cm tall.  Ttang Kko Ma is being sold as a basic blank doll in normal skin resin.  Options include a random wig and a face-up (with or without freckles).



Dollmore has introduced a new version of Kid Dollmore Pado called Veronica Violet. She is a limited edition of 10 dolls. Veronica Violet Pado is cast in normal skin resin. The doll will come with a face-up, eyes, wig, complete outfit and shoes.



Soul Doll has released dolls based on the theme Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.  Two different versions are available; In the Woods and Sentimental Romance. Both sets feature new Soul Kid Diammah and seven new Soul sweet dolls; Pipkin, Dudy, Blackavar, Ranbi, Frith, Ahrairah and Woundwort. All of the dolls may be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin.

43 cm tall Diammah comes with a choice of general, double-jointed or N.L. girl body. The basic doll will include eyes and random wig. Options include default face-up and outfit.

The 26 cm tall basic Soul Sweet dolls come with eyes. Each doll is available with the choice of girl or boy body. The first 50 will also come with a limited edition kipping box. Options for the dolls include default face-up, extra hand sets and outfit.


Diammah with Soul Sweet dolls In the Forest versions

Diammah with Soul Sweet dolls In the Forest versions

Diammah Sentimental Romance version

Diammah Sentimental Romance version

Soul Sweet Sentimental Romance version with limited kipping box

Soul Sweet Sentimental Romance version with limited kipping box


July 27

RosenLied has released Tuesday’s Child Chocolat as a basic doll the 26.5 cm tall doll will come with extra hands, acrylic eyes, default wig and dress . Chocolat comes in a choice of normal or white skin resin.  Optional face-up is available. Until August 31st, a gift bonnet will be included with purchases of basic Chocolat.



Peak’s Woods has two new Fairy of Color dolls, Kisha and Rogita. Both 61 cm tall girls are available in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Kisha and Rogita are being sold as basic dolls with a pair of acrylic eyes and wig shown in the photos and both flat and heel feet. Options for the dolls include face-up, special hand parts and outfit (pink or black, shoes are not included).






July 28

rune2Blue Fairy has introduced their new Nano Fairy named Rune.  The white resin figure is jointed at the shoulders and hips with magnets.  She is 5.8 cm tall and can be used as a doll for resin dolls.  She is sold as a full-set with the wig and outfit. Rune may be ordered until 5:00 PM on July 30th (Korean time). If more are ordered than available, the purchasers will be chosen by lottery.




July 29

Sseiren Doll has posted a new doll named Hennim. The 25 cm tall doll is available as a boy or a girl. Hennim may be ordered in a choice of rose or flesh colored resin. Body choices include the mobility body or the new “natural” basic body. The doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Options include face-up and additional hand sets (“heart” or “V”).



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