July 16 – 22, 2012

July 16

Aileen Doll is now the exclusive seller of resin Pet Dolls. The previously released Dorothy, Penny and Wawa have been joined by other pets including Frank the Pug, Duboo the Pekingese and Seed the dragon.  New versions of the older sculpts are also available.  The company also offers wig and eyes for dolls.

Frank & Duboo

Frank & Duboo



AnotherSpace2 has a new Baby Color line doll available named Pink.  The 25.5 cm tall girl is being sold as a basic doll.  Face-up and wig shown can be optionally ordered.


Coco Tribe has released a new Chipmunk doll named Sunny. The doll can be pre-ordered in snow white, beauty white, normal, tanned, gray, pink, mint or violet resin. Sunny can be ordered in a 17 cm or 21 cm size. The BJD will come with a random color pair of glass eyes. Sunny comes with either a gender-neutral or mature female body (photos show the neutral body). Face-up option in style A or B is available for the doll.


New Limited Edition doll Eden – The Vampire’s Lover, has been released at Idealian. The doll can be ordered in cream white, normal or tawny skin resin. The Idealian 72 line doll will come with both flat and heel feet. Options for Eden include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. The pre-order period for Eden ends July 27 (Korean time).


July 17

dotoriesfullsets-241x1024MuDoll has released full-set versions of their new 28 cm tall Dotories dolls.

From the company:


We are happy to present Dotories Special ” Mid Summer Night’s Dream”.

You would see the special feature of Dotories presenting in midsummer night’s dreaming party in Dotories forest. Ella, Ida and Jules are customed in special faceup, limited wigs and outfits.

Each doll will come with face-up, Meister glass eyes, wig, outfit, and storage case with doll bag.


The dolls that Ringdoll released at Dollism Plus are now available on the company website. The Rose of Swan Julia (58 cm tall) and Andrew (63 cm tall) are Ring Teenager line dolls. The dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  They are being sold as full-sets with face-up, glass eyes, wig, full outfit and shoes shown in the photos. Julia and Andrew can also be purchased as basic dolls with a pair of glass eyes and a face-up.



July 18

1/4 size Mini Gem doll Phylis – Sweet Bride has been released at The Gem. The normal skin resin Special Order doll will be limited to 50 dolls for this release. The pre-order ends August 18 or earlier if all 50 dolls are sold.  The doll can be purchased as a girl (Phylis) or boy (Aphan). Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes. Seam sanding is also available through a link at the bottom of the doll’s page. The outfit and wig shown on the doll can be purchased separately.


5StarDoll has released new 1/6 size doll named Amy. The 28 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal, white, yellow, red, tan or grey skin resin. Basic Amy is sold blank with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Amy comes with a choice girl body in style B or C. .  Default or custom face-up is optionally available. The outfit, wigs and shoes are also available for purchase.


Featherfall has released a new Iruhi head in suntan resin.

From the retailer:

SUNTAN VERSION of Iruhi the Pookah is a Featherfall creation; designed by A. Teicher it was CUSTOM sculpted for us by Resinsoul . This is the ELF EAR version, in Resinsoul’s coffee skintone.

Basic listed price is for BLANK HEAD ONLY ( includes fox ears),
FOR BODY OPTIONS, please scroll down to the bottom to the dropdowns, and add a girl or boy body of your choice.
The head is MSD sized and should fit a variety of bodies.
Production times are approximately 45 business days from order date.
Please note there is no faceup option.



DreamingDoll has introduced a new Little Elva doll named Ryuna. The 42 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Ryuna comes blank with both flat and heel feet, random color glass eyes and random wig.  A face-up can be optionally ordered for the doll. Ryuna is available with free shipping.


Doll Family – A has released a new 1/4 size doll named August. The 44.5 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal, normal pink or white skin resin.Face-up is optionally available.


July 19

DIM (Doll in Mind) has released three new Happy line girl dolls; Becca, Laia (open eyed version) and Larina (half closed eyes version). The 44 cm tall dolls can be ordered with a regular or glamorous style body. Basic Happy girls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. Face-up can be optionally ordered.  The doll heads are also available separately.

happy dolls

July 20

The One dolls are now available at RosenLied website. The dolls are being released July 20 (Korean time). Only one of each full-set doll shown is available for purchase.

From RosenLied:

Wednesday’s Child Juniper ver.Girl (White skin)
Make up by derek j.
Outfit by derek j.

Wednesday’s Child Benjamin ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Uyuchagongbang
Outfit by Uyuchagongbang

Tuesday’s Child Chocolat ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by piangfang

Tuesday’s Child Ravie ver.Girl (Normal skin)
Make up by LiNi
Outfit by la-chatonne

Tuseday’s Child Cosette ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Kana
Outfit by Rin.Rena

Wednesday’s Child Flora ver.Girl (White skin)
Make up byLiNi
Outfit by Rin.Rena

Monday’s Child Mango ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Kim sense
Outfit by GiGiker

Wedndsday’s Child Dasiy ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Kim sense
Outfit by moi atelier

Tuesday’s Child Limited Poppy (Reverie ver.) (White skin)
Make up by derek j.
Outfit by moi atelier

Wedndsday’s Child Daisy ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by Stylish


DragonDoll has released a new boy doll named Rui.  The 72 cm tall doll comes with the 2nd generation Uncle body (the 3rd generation body can be substituted if requested). Face-up is optionally available.  Dragon dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin.



AnotherSpace2 has introduced new Peanut.  She is a 40 cm tall doll. The doll is cast in normal skin resin.  Peanut’s face-up and wig can be optionally ordered with the doll.


July 21

Dollmore has a new limited edition Model Doll full-set posted. Tell Me your Wish Malli is an edition of 20 dolls. 66.5 cm tall Malli is cast in normal skin resin and comes with the glamor bust. The face-up, glass eyes, wig, hand-painting and outfit (top, pants, skirt, headdress, face cover, panties, anklet, bracelet) are included with the doll.



Illusion Spirit has released two new 60 cm tall boy dolls, CangXie and QiZe. The dolls come with the 1st generation body in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow,white, tan or grey resin.  CangXie and QiZe come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and optional face-up. (Magnetic horn and ear parts shown in some of the photos are not included with the dolls.) IS dolls and parts can be purchased from authorized retailers.







Granado has announced the release of a new version male body.

Information on the Nuevo boy body from the company:

Dear all,

We proudly introduce our latest male doll body “Male Body nuevo”.
We did several improvements on the new body. Below are the improvements.

1. Male body nuevo looks more mature and lively.
2. We designed new hands. They also can be used on our existing male 64/68 cm bodies.
3. Improvement of the bark joints. They allow you to do more movement, and wider angles.
4. Chest joints have become more flexible.
5. The hip and waist joints’ braking have been improved.
6. The thigh joint balls have made more inwards, so that the shape of the thighs will look more beautiful.


July 22


An new doll is now available at ANother Secret. MiKoko is a 25.5 cm tall doll cast in normal skin resin.

From the company:


order period from July 21th,2012 to Aug 15th,2012

MiKoko with Pluto female body and a pair of glass eyes