BJDcollectasy re-visits The Mushroom Peddler’s Sarah Seiter who recently introduced a new line of dolls to her world.  Her first Impling, Willow, is now available.  A blue version of Willow is Sarah’s show exclusive doll for the Ball Jointed Doll Convention, Austin which she will be attending as a vendor.


Q: How long have you been planning and then working on the Impling line?

A: I often doodle different body types and doll designs searching for the ones that really speak to me. I do so many little drawings that there is no way I could ever sculpt them all, but occasionally one will stick with me and beg to become a doll. This happened with the first doll I released in the Wonderling series, Shelly the Turtle and it happened again with Willow. Once the doodle for Willow demanded to be made into a doll it was about six weeks from the time I first began sculpting her to the time I had all of her parts completed. Then it took another couple of weeks to fix little things and make molds to cast the first test prototype.

willow-sketch1Q: What were your inspirations for Willow?

A: Mainly I wanted to create a more humanoid doll to be sort of a caretaker for all the little animals I have been releasing. I wanted her look to be whimsical like my smaller dolls, but I also wanted her to have her own unique personality.

Q: Are you working on additional Impling dolls? Will each have a companion doll?

A: Willow is only the first of several dolls I have planned in this size. I have already sculpted two more very cute friends for her but I don’t yet have a release date for them. I am planning to have a tiny companion “friend” for each of them, but they may not always be included as a free gift as Buzz the Bee is with Willow. Regardless, there will be some sort of discount available if the tiny friend is pre-ordered along with the Impling they are best friends with.

Q: Will you release Willow in a variety of colors? If so, what colors are you considering?

A: Willow has been released in Fair Skin and in Blue Skin (a special edition of only 30 for BJDC in Austin) so far. I am not sure yet if she will be offered in other skin tones.

Originally Fair Willow was going to be available only for a short pre-order period, however after much thought and analyzing the pros and cons, I have decided to make her a limited edition of 50 dolls. Because of this she will be reopened for pre-order until all 50 dolls have been claimed.

Q: Can you tell me what doll clothing might fit Willow? What wig size does she wear?

A: Willow wears a 7-8 wig if it is stretchy. Otherwise a 8-9 is recommended. Willow is so new I have not yet had a chance to try much clothes of her, but I am planning to release a line of outfits for her (mostly made by myself or my mother). Also, she takes eyes in both 18mm and 20mm (though I prefer the look of 20mm).

Q: Do you have a back-story for the Implings? Are they part of the same world as the Wonderlings?

SONY DSCA: The Implings are part of the same world as all of my dolls are. The following is a short story about the world that these little ones come from…

The Story of the Mushroom Peddler

The woman sighed as she looked around the room. Creatures both beautiful and strange filled every nook and cranny of the small cottage she called home. They all were turned toward her as if waiting for her to speak.

They had come from all corners of the world seeking refuge and she knew that many more would be coming. She didn’t know how she would care for and house all of these precious creatures of fantasy who had lost their homes to a world of ever expanding machines and development. Though masquerading as a lowly peddler of herbs and potions among the humans, known to them as The Mushroom Peddler, she herself was a dryad, a tree spirit whose home was threatened.

She looked around slowly at each precious face once more, her mind racing for a solution. Then her eyes brightened. “Lost ones,” she announced, “our world is changed and it is time to come out of hiding. We must find homes for you all among the humans.” She smiled tenderly at their nervous faces and added, “I will help each of you to find the perfect family to adopt you into their home.”

Q: Do you like working in a larger size?

A: I do enjoy this size of doll though there are some extra challenges that come with the larger size. Mainly the extra expense for both the prototyping and also the casting costs. It is worth it to me though. I really enjoy making clothing in this size. I have also found some cute hats and shoes that fit her perfectly.

Q: Besides blue Willow, what will you be bringing to BJDC?

A: I have a variety of random dolls I plan to bring to BJDC including some custom colored dolls as well as blank ones, some of which are not currently pre-ordering on my web stores. I have a few blank wolves, elephants, crocodiles for instance I plan to offer there. I will also be bringing some clothing and accessories for the Wonderling sized dolls as well as the Implings.

I hope to also present my aunt’s first BJD she has sculpted at BJDC. I will be offering her doll through The Mushroom Peddler store and will be handling orders for her. We are awaiting the finished sample from the casting company and we hope it will arrive in time to bring to Austin for BJDC.

Q: What plans do you have for the future at the Mushroom Peddler?

A: I have so many wonderful dolls planned for the future! I can’t wait to make them all and share them! I have several partially sculpted so there are random hands, heads, and feet all over my workshop, but I plan for them all to become finished whimsical creatures at some point.

Photos above: Sketch of Willow, prototype of Willow next to a Wonderling doll.

The Mushroom Peddler

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Fair Willow

Fair Willow

Blue Willow

Blue Willow

Willow’s pet Buzz

Willow’s pet Buzz



Blank fair and blue Willow

Blank fair and blue Willow