July 9 – 15, 2012

July 9

SQ Lab has opened the pre-order for their new resin  SG doll body.

Full information i=on the body from the company:

SQ-lab SG(School Girl) body.

This is the SG Body which is the first Ball joint doll by SQLAB.

This model is designed perfect fit to SQLAB head which has animation characteristic style.
They are versatile body, you can attach both of the DD and SD head directly.
They are gorgeous with slim arms,legs and waist, looks very beautiful.
The arm joint consist with double-joint type, it helps you make the doll with natural pose.

They can match with not only the SG exclusive costume, but also OBITSU 50,
MDD, MSD, SDC costume.(But sometimes it can’t fit with some special designed costume,
SG exclusive costume are sold on SQ-LAB web or co-work company.)
We prepare 3 color skin tone, REAL SKIN(for SD), NORMAL SKIN(for DD) amd WHITE SKIN.
We follow the DD standard normal color.
And you can choose body painting service by professional artist.
Urethane finish will be perfect protection for beautiful body painting.



Slinky Neko has a new Limited Edition doll available, Half Eyed Haroo Rainy Day. The 25 cm normal skin resin doll comes with glass eyes, wig, face-up, outfit and shoes. The doll has been styled by Chesca.



Granado has released their latest limited edition doll head.  The new VIPO head is the first girl of the series..

from the company:

We are pleased to present our new head V-04 of our “VIPO” series.
The fourth “VIPO” head V-04, will be limited to 20 contracts, $120 each.



July 10

llusion Spirit has released three new 1/3 size dolls; Gino, Aomi, and Lassie. They can be pre-ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. (Tan and grey resin can be specially commissioned.) 62 cm tall Gino and 59 cm tall Aomi and Lassie are sold as basic blank dolls with optional face-up.  A random pair of acrylic eyes will be included with the doll.


LoongSoul has released a new Grace line boy doll named Moyer.  Moyer’s outfit and shoes are also available for purchase.

From the company:

73cm Limited doll Moyer ( 100 sets in worldwide)

7 Resin options: White, Normal pink, Normal yellow.
French white, French normal pink, French normal yellow, French tan.



Rapa’s Factory has released Steampunk – Rakey. Rakey is available in a choice of normal or white skin resin. The 16 cm tall doll has a steampunk body and comes blank with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Options for Rakey include face-up, wig, outfit and painting of the steampunk body.


Little Monica released Gloomy Sarubia.   The full doll (58 cm tall) or the head only are available for purchase. Only 50 are being released.  Gloomy Sarubia is available in normal or white skin resin. Face-up is optionally available.

From the company:

Sales date: 10th July 2012 14:00 ~ 17th July 2012 14:00 (Korean time standard)
Quantity: 50 heads limited worldwide
* This item might be sold out before the settled time period



ANother Secret is now taking pre-orders for new heads the Shadow King and Snow White.

From the company:

●We improve our resin materials to UV protect this time.The skin color can not be customized.
●This time, our doll’s skin color is similar as Volks skin around 2008.
●Every sold head includes a pair of glass eyes and packing box.
●Order will be accepted at 0:00am JUL 10th 2012~ 0:00am JUL 20th 2012.(Chinese time)            

The doll heads are being sold blank. The Shadow King is designed to fit on SD17 and similar size bodies. The teeth and tongue in the head are removable. Snow white is designed to fit on SD10 – SD13 size bodies. Face-up is optionally available.


July 11

DollZone has introduced four new BB line dolls; Apple, Pineapple, Litchi and Mango. The 16 cm tall dolls can be purchased as full-sets with face-up, random eyes, wig and outfit shown, or as blank basic dolls with eyes and optional face-up. The tiny dolls can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow or tan skin resin.



ImplDoll has released a new doll named Sam.  The 46 cm tall doll can be ordered in pink, real, white, grey, tan or dark tan colored resin. Sam comes with a deer body, random color pair of glass eyes, and detachable tail and horns. He can be ordered with optional human parts. Other options include face-up, body blushing and outfit.



The Gem has released Isaac – The Cloud Faery. The new Faemon line doll comes in either an attached cat ear version or with detachable cat ears. Isaac is cast in snow blue skin resin. The doll has a gender neutral body. Included with Isaac are transparent horns, transparent wings and a tail. Options for the doll include face-up and body blushing (including parts), Soom eyes, mohair wig (long or short), and outfit set. Isaac with cat ears included is 30 cm tall.  The Teenie Gem size outfit and wigs can also be purchased separately. The pre-order is open until July 25th.


Sseiren Doll has released a renewal version of Mermaid Olivia.

From the company:

We improved mermaid tail. We mixed color in resin to prevent be scratched make-up.
The make-up is changed newly, too.

The 46 cm tall mermaid doll comes with the weepy Olivia head. Included with the doll are a random color pair of acrylic eyes. The upper body can be ordered in rose white or flesh colored resin. The tail portion comes in only the color shown. Options for Mermaid Olivia include additional doll heads (regular Olivia, dreamy Olivia or weepy Olivia), face-up (for one or more heads), and body painting.

July 12

Peak’s Woods has unveiled two new limited edition dolls, The White Queen & The Queen of Hearts. Only 40 of each doll is being released. The first 20 customers who order a doll will receive free shipping.

White Queen A.B. Kisha and Red Queen A.B. Abrogita can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Both dolls are being sold as full-sets with two sets of hands, both flat and heel feet, face-up, eyes, full Dollheart  outfit, wig and shoes. Both 61 cm tall dolls come with the new Femme body.  Layaway is available. The pre-order ends August 31st, but may end earlier if the dolls sell out.




IpleHouse is now offering SID Opera Stella.  She will be available for pre-order until August 5. Special Edition Stella is available in a choice of white, normal, peach gold or special real resin. Stella comes with a choice of general or mobility thigh joint body. Breast size choices are small, large or glamorous. The 62 cm tall doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. Options for Stella include face-up (available in style A, B or C), wig, outfit and shoes.



Nine9 Style has released a re-styled version of 1/3 size doll Hara. She is being sold as a basic doll in normal skin resin. 58 cm tall Hara comes with a face-up by NAPI, both flat and heel feet, and a random color pair of eyes.  The Enchanted eyes shown in Hara’s photos are offered as an option.


Juky 13

Doll Chateau has released two new full-set dolls, 72 cm tall Erwin and Chester. The BJDs can be ordered in white, yellow or pink skin resin. Full-sets include face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Body blushing is not included with the price, but it can be optionally added.






Luts is now offering a brown resin option for their dolls.

From the company:

Release date: 13th July 2012 12:00 PM ~ * All sized dolls and parts have Real Skin Brown as an additional skin color option.


Eternel Amour (sic) : White Lisa Rubik is available at Dollmore. The 66.5 cm tall doll is a being sold as a limited edition of 10. White resin skin Lisa Rubik will come with a face-up, D-Special eyes, peach wig, and outfit (outer dress, inner dress, stockings, necklace, earrings, clutch bag, high heels).


July 14


AngelsDoll has released their first 1/6 size dolls Haru and Haruka. They will be sold with random color acrylic eyes, both a regular and a sleeping head and three sets of hands; open, fist and “V”. Haru and Haruka can be ordered in pink white  or normal skin resin. Options for the dolls include face-up on one or both heads and body blushing.


July 15

ImplDoll has released new Star line girl Bella. The 63.5 cm tall doll can be ordered in real, white, pink, tan, gray or new dark tan skin resin. Basic Bella comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and storage bag. Options available include face-up, wig and outfit.


Doll Leaves has announced a Summer event. Qualifying purchases will receive tiny doll Xiao Lian as a gift.

From the company:

We are happy to announce a Special Event for this special Summer:
Event Time: 16th July ~ 10th September, 2012

During Event period, purchase any Doll Leaves basic products equal or over USD190( Not include Special Edition/Limited Edition, Not include Shipping fee), a blank Event doll- Xiao Lian will be given as a free gift (Can choose Normal or White skin).The Event doll- Xiao Lian is DOLL LEAVES 16cm doll, Body is a upgrade Angel type (No gender option). The Event doll is Doll Leaves Summer Event special edition, which will be discontinued after the event.


 D-Storic has now opened pre-orders for tan resin HaRam and SeChan.  HaRam is a new sculpt by doll artist Bimong. The 43 cm tall dolls  are available blank with optional face-up. The wigs, eyes, outfits and shoes shown are also optionally available.  The boys can be purchased individually or as a pair (with a $100 discount).


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