July 2 – July 8, 2012

July 2

The new website for Immortality of Soul is now available. New 80 cm tall doll Lacrimosa is now available for pre-order. The doll can be purchased lank in normal or white skin resin. Only 30 dolls are available. The outfit shown on the doll can also be purchased (Slim Coat, 2 button suit jacket & pants,vest, shirts, necktie). Face-up is not available. Shipping of Lacrimosa is scheduled for September.



Spanish doll company Merry Doll Round has introduced a new 1/3 size doll head named Fang. He is available for pre-order at this time.  The pre-order ends July 8. The head can be ordered in oriental, fresh or pale skin resin. The heads will be cast by Dollshe. The order is expected to be shipped from the manufacturer 60-80 days after the pre-order closes.



July 3~~~~~

July 4~~~~~

Idealian has released Special Edition doll Holland the Great Swindler.  The pre-order period for the doll ends July 18. The Idealian51 line doll comes cast in tawny skin resin. Face-up and body blushing are optionally available. The outfit, eyes, shoes and wig shown on the doll can be ordered separately on the Idealian site.


oz2Latidoll is releasing their new Wizard of Oz Lati Yellow dolls today.

From the company:

Lati will release Yellow sized limited edition dolls “the Wizard of Oz!”
They will be sold from July 4th, 2012 at noon to July 25th, 2012 at noon, according to Korean standard time.

The 16 cm tall Limited Edition dolls being released include Lion (G.Bayer), Tinman (Lea), Scarecrow (Gilly), Dorothy (Sopie), and Glenda the Good Witch (Elf Lami). The dolls come with glass eyes. Options include face-up, outfit, shoes, wig, additional resin parts, and resin Toto the dog. The dolls come with version 2 bodies.  They can be optionally ordered with the version 1 body.



July 5

A new Fairies of Color body is now available at Peak’s Woods. The A.B. Femme body was sculpted by artist KyunMin Lee. FOC girls with the new body will be 61 cm tall with flat feet and 62-3 cm tall with heels.  Dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Default or custom face-up is optionally available. An additional set of “special hands” can also be optionally purchased.


Ken no Kokoro Dolls has opened a pre-order for 1/3 size doll heads Rosita and Amparita 02.

From the company:


 Model Rosita or Amparita02 for this preorder.
Colour: Pale, Fresh or Oriental skin.

*Heads will be professionally casted by Dollshe Craft.
*Preorder period: July 4th to July 18th

Amparita (left) & Rosita

Amparita (left) & Rosita

ImplDoll has announced a Summer Event. Free gifts will be included with qualifying purchases…

From the company:
Period: the EVENT from July 5 ~ August 25 .2012
We have two Event plan for you choose.

1. You Will Get A Free Blank Head If You Order Over $210(Not count shipping cost) you can choose any head.
2. You Will Get A Free Baby(26cm) If You Order Over $310(Not count shipping cost).

The company has posted four new Baby line dolls, Miya, Coco, Koko and Kare.  They can be ordered in real, white, pink, tan, dark tan or gray skin resin. The basic dolls come with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Options available include face-up, wig and outfit.

Clockwise From top left: Coco, Koko, Kare, Miya

Clockwise From top left: Coco, Koko, Kare, Miya


July 6~~~~~

July 7~~~~~

A new Model Doll F has been posted at Dollmore. 66.5 cm tall Nell is cast in normal skin resin. She will come with a random color pair of eyes, a random wig, and underwear. Options for Nell include seam sanding service, face-up (default or custom) and body blushing.



July 8

WithDoll has released  their new doll Cynthia- Blade Master.  The 41 cm tall doll is a limited edition of 50. She will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes, extra holding hands and heel feet. The doll can be ordered in cream white, rose white, normal, gray, brown tan, rosy brown and UV protectant new real, new brown, new rosy brown or new brown tan resin. Options for Cynthia include face-up, outfit, fur wig, resin katana and shoes and painting for the resin parts.


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