June 25 – July 1, 2012

June 25

Neo-AngelRegion has  released new Nappy Choo doll Marc. The 12 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. He comes with a random pair of Soom eyes, a diaper and swaddling clothes. Options available include face-up, body blushing, wig and outfit.  The outfits available are the beige with pale green trim (with footies) or a cream with lilac trim (barefoot). Only 20 outfits will be available for sale.



Latidoll has posted H.K. Limited A little Sorceress of the Water ver.SeHa. The doll will be a limited edition of 50 dolls. Sorceress SeHa was specially created for Dollism Plus 7 which takes place in Hong Kong July 7-8.



IpleHouse has posted photos of a new JID boy body.  In particular, the new 46 cm doll body shows significant changes in the joint design. The body page is HERE (Member registration and sign-in are required to view).



Sseiren Doll has released new Natural line Gajy. The 25 cm tall doll can be ordered with either a boy or girl body. Gajy comes in a choice of natural or white rose resin. Options for the doll include a face-up. In early July, the doll will be sold at a discount.



June 26

Amber Dolls has released two 1/6 size Kindergarten size girl dolls, each in a Ballet Princess and Ballet Trainee version. 25 cm tall Odell and Odette can be purchased as basic dolls in natural or beautiful white resin. A random color pair of eyes and a pair of resin wings are included with each doll.  Face-up, wing painting and full set items (wig, outfit) are optionally available.



June 27

SWdoll (Sunny’s Wonderful World) is now carrying Be Yours dolls. The dolls can be ordered with a choice of girl or boy body. The dolls are sold blank with optional face-up.  The boy version doll is 61.5 cm tall, and the girl version doll is 60.5 cm tall. The dolls will be sent with a random color pair of eyes. No resin color choice is given,  The dolls are shown with normal skin resin.



Blue Fairy has posted Dollism Plus 7 exclusive 19 cm Pocket Fairies on their website.

From the company:

We are happy to announce that we are going to participate in the Hong Kong Dollism Plus 2012 which will be held July 7th – 8th, 2012.

We have prepared the special limited dolls, remmy and Minimay in baked skin, for the Dollism Plus 7.



Angell Studio has introduced new doll Anna. The 58 cm tall doll  is being sold blank with optional face-up.  The wig, outfit and accessories may also be ordered with the doll.



IpleHouse has released new JID line basic dolls, Boris, Daniel and Kassia. The 46 cm tall boys can be ordered with the Muscular or the newly released Model body.  43 cm tall Kassia comes with the JID girl body with small, large or glamor size breast option. All JID bodies come optionally with mobility thigh joints. Resin color choices for the dolls include, white, normal, peach gold or special real skin resin. Kassia, Boris and Daniel come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and can be optionally ordered with a face-up.  Three face-up styles are available for each doll.



Two new dolls, Lucy and Bonnie, are now available for pre-order at Momocolor. Both of the 29 cm tall dolls are being cast in normal skin resin. Basic Lucy and Bonnie will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.



June 28

epidiatawnyThe Gem has released Epidia – Queen of Waterfalls. The 65 cm tall Legend Collection doll comes in a choice of tawny or dark brown resin. Epidia comes with a Super Gem body (simple or extra pose type) and claw legs, tail, extra long-nailed hands, and an additional doll head with fangs and pointed ears. Options for Epidia include face-up for one or both heads, extra Super Gem body, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Limited edition Epidia will be available for pre-order until July 12.



PlasticMoon has 1/3 size Teru 1.5 heads in limited quantity for sale now.

From Foolbot:

terui5-2Hello everyone!

I am now selling heads that are in-stock

Both Teru and Teru 1.5 are available in normal and white skin. But there is only a limited amount of Teru heads,so get them while you can!

There will be no new pre-orders for TeruV1.5 until all heads have been sold.

You can contact to buy through email or purchase them through Etsy.

Faceups are available on request~


Marchen Waltz has released the Moonlight Dream Aimee head.  The head can be purchased alone or paired with the normal Aimee head at a discount (Aimee the Twin set).  The doll heads are cast in normal skin resin. A face-up in a choice of styles is optionally available. Customers who purchased the original Aimee head can buy the new Moonlight Dream Aimee head at a special discount.



Doll artist Sarah Seiter of The Mushroom Peddler will be attending the Ball Jointed Doll Convention, Austin (BJDC).  She has released a convention exclusive version of her new Impling doll Willow.

From the artist:

Willow the Impling – BLUE Skin

Special Exclusive Limited Edition of 30

IMPORTANT!: Only available to attendees of BJDC in Austin, TX Please do not purchase this doll unless you or someone you know will be there to pick her up in person*

This skin tone will not be offered again.

Your sweet Willow will be available for pick up at BJDC nude with blue skin resin ball-jointed doll with face up similar to the face shown and a random color of eyes.

The first 10 dolls pre-ordered will come with a surprise gift outfit and a wig.

For a limited time, everyone who pre-orders Willow will also receive her tiny friend Buzz the Bee as a special gift from The Mushroom Peddler. (Willow with face up will come with white Buzz with face up). Buzz may be sent separately from Willow depending on production time.



June 29

Leeke World has two new A type Art Dolls posted. 41 cm tall Alison and Iris are being sold as basic dolls in a choice of basic skin, snow skin, pure rose skin or new lovely B skin resin. Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, eyes and wig. The limited edition dolls will be available for pre-order until August 5.


Alison (left) & Iris


Monodee has released a new 9 inch head called Zirbel.  The head may be purchased blank or with a face-up.  Face-up styles A (boy) or B (girl) are available.The head is the 3rd release by the new Korean company.



12G-MYO-130Due to problems at AngelheimD-Storic has now taken over the company. D-storic previously took over troubled company Bimong.

From D-Storic:

Urgent Announcement : D-Storic.com has taken over Angelheim
Dear Angelheim Customers who has not received any angelheim products. We feel very terrible for this issues and we know we have nothing to excuese. We apologize for this totally wrong operations. Sorry.
Recently, we just gave up our studio. And also, we angelheim and D-Storic.com made an agreement that D-Storic is now a New Owner of All Angelheim Dolls and all the rights as well. The site Angelheim.com will no longer be a doll shop but a blog site as a newsletter centre, and all the dolls and products will be moved to D-Storic.com from now on.
The reason why we made this decision is that we do not think we could run this studio properly any more. So, from now on, please contact Dollstoric@gmail.com for your further questions.
– Undelievered Orders
Angelheim just tossed all the order sheets to D-Storic.com and they are now attacking that tasks (mainly JIN orders and some JH orders) Please do not worry about your orders because D-Storic.com is one of the most trustful and reliable studio on S.Korea (well, may be in DOA too)
So, D-storic will give you the best solution for your undelievered orders only if you still want to keep the order. (I and D-storic will contact each of you how you intent to do with your order – get a full refund or keep the order today). Again, we are very very sorry for wrapping up like this….Sorry…and please do not worry that we would not evaporate after this transition. I will help D-Storic.com until all the urgent orders get shipped.
– Angelheim Dolls in Future
D-Storic also took over our dolls and one of our sculptor too. So they will keep creating the angelheim dolls in D-Storic. In near future, they will show off their own doll world. Please give them a good luck.

Again, we apologize for this terrible transaction and I and D-storic.com will contact you within a few days individually.


Dollmore has released two Judith dolls; Amaranth Zinna in white and in tan resin. The white Zinna doll is a limited edition of 20, while Suntan Zinna is a limited edition of 30. Each 44.5 cm tall doll is being sold as a full-set with face-up, wig, glass eyes, outfit and jewelry.



June 30

Asleep Eidolon  has released three new girl dolls; 60 cm tall Rebecca and Snow and 27 cm tall MilkShake SP. The dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Rebecca, Snow and MilkShake SP can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Optional face-up can be ordered with the dolls.

Asleep Eidolon dolls are sold internationally at Mint on Card (North America) and Think Pink! (Europe)

(from left) Rebecca, Snow & Milkshake

(from left) Rebecca, Snow & Milkshake


Jpop Dolls has now released Kaye Wiggs’ human version Nelly doll in tan resin.  Pre-order for the limited edition doll will be open until July 22. Delivery date is estimated as late October-November. 53 cm tall Nelly will come with a pair of glass eyes and a face-up.



July 1

Dream High Studio has released a new micro BJD named Piko.

From artist Donny Harijanto:

6 colors will be offered,
white, normal, tan, lavender, green, and blue


New doll company RSdoll has now officially opened.  The company has three 69 cm tall boy dolls available, Roy, Evan and Daniel. The dolls optionally come with the company’s “bone spine system”.  (Information on the system can be found HERE.)

All dolls are cast in normal skin resin and come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig.  Face-up is optionally available. For a limited time, the company is offering a free gift with purchase.

From RSdoll:
RSDOLL OPEN!!! Now meet the spine bone system~~

This is RSDOLL, a newly opened shop.

We introduce you our new line!

We applied the spine-bone system to the new line, so its waist and bust move freely and are fixed.

Say goodbye to unnatural poses with the existing tension~ Now meet the spine-bone system~

Celebrating the opening of RSDOLL, we hold the event which gives all purchasers an extra head by July 5.
Please give us lots of interest.


(From left) Roy, Evan, Daniel


Lume Doll has decided to discontinue several 1/3 size dolls.  The 1/3 doll bodies will be discontinued.  A few doll sculpts will remain available.

From Eva Wilson of Lume Doll:
Lumedoll Discontinuing Sculpts

The SD sized dolls Keid Ara, Duhr, and Zero will be discontinued on July 31st. The SD size bodies will discontinue on August 31st, but the heads for Tania, Saiph, and Heka will still be available.


(From left) Duhr, Zero & Keid Ara