June 18 – 24, 2012

June 18

Little Monica has now released Limited Edition Gloomy Irin. The first Black Ribbon Collection doll is a collaboration with La Maison Du Aile. Only 8 dolls will be available. Irin will come with the “gloomy” version head, special face-up, wig, glass eyes, full outfit (blouse, corset, skirts, underskirts, underpants, stockings, neck accessory, ankle chain, head accessory, eyepatch), regular and heel legs, and Blue Fairy pumps.



sa-yu-boneeOcean Moon is now offering a Miko version of 50 cm tall doll “sa-yu” BoNee.  The full-set doll comes with a Japanese Miko costume. The doll is being cast in normal skin resin with the “sa-yu” version BoNee head. (The regular head version of Miko BoNee is also still available on the site.)



Infiniti Doll has added two new dolls, Ray and Nari,  to their website.  They have been released as part of the company’s Anniversary Event. SID line Ray (65cm tall) and SID13 Nari (59cm tall) are available in normal or white skin resin. They are being sold as basic dolls with a random color pair of acrylic eyes included.  Optional face-up is available.  In addition, Nari comes with optional heel feet or heel legs. Nari’s Kimono set is also available for purchase.  Currently the company is offering 10% off on their dolls for a limited time.

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Ada has been posted at Island Doll.  The 59 cm tall doll is available through the company or through their authorized retailers.  Island Dolls come blank with an optional face-up. Resin shades available include tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white.



June 19

Blossom Doll, until now only offering doll heads, has now released their first 1/3 girl body.

From the company:

60cm girl’s body is beginning for sales

1.the 60cm girl’s body of blossom-doll is beginning for sales(including head 60cm, without head 55cm)
2. iris ,molly and hyacinth’s fullest is beginning for sales.
the fullest including: wig.head. face-up. nude doll.clothes. shoes
3. currently we have two kind of skin colour to choose :white skin and normal yellow skin



Doll Leaves has released three more Another Me limited dolls. The new 1/4 size dolls are available in limited edition resin colors with optional face-ups.

From the company:

We are happy to announce ANOTHER ME series final versions are released!

Maya suntanned skin

Lilith Gray Skin

Amara Gray Skin

Each version limited to 20 sets global.
Lilith and Amara gray version fullset is also available.








A new doll is now available for pre-order from Oasis Doll.  Doll artist Sabrina W.  has posted full information on oredering her on Den of Angels HERE.

naomiFrom the artist:

Sculptor: Sarina.W
Skin Type:Normal Skin
Circumference of Head : 20cm
High:59cm (Normal feet)/61cm(High-Heel leg)
Skin Type:Normal Skin
Circumference of neck :9.5 cm
Circumference of chest : 24.0cm
Circumference of waist : 17.0cm
Circumference of hips : 25.5cm
Foot size : 7.0cm
Recommend eye size:14mm

Resin match: same as elfdoll normal skin resin and similar to volks recently new normal skin resin.
*Naomi is only released in normal skin.

my email: jxy527@hotmail.com

Naomi can be purchased as a full doll or head only. She comes with apair of fist hands, a pair of high-heel feet, a pair of glass eyes(random color) and underwear. Face-up is optionally available. The body can also be purchased alone at this time.(When contacting Sabrina W. if not a Den of Angels member, let her know you found the information on BJDcollectasy.)


Sweet Gale has introduced a new boy doll named Jayne.  He is being sold as a basic doll with a random pair of eyes.  The doll will come with a new 62 cm tall boy body.



June 20

The Gem has opened pre-orders for Absynthe – La Fée Verte.The 30 cm Mini Gem doll can be ordered June 20-July 4th. Absynthe is being cast in pale green resin. Basic Absynthe will come with a human body and resin wing and fairy leg parts. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig and clothing. Seam removal is also available through a link at the bottom of Absynthe’s order page.



DIM (Doll in Mind) has released a new Happy line girl named Gayane with the option of a new Happy Glamorous girl body.

Gayne can be ordered with old, new, or the new glamorous body.  She is cast in normal skin resin with optional face-up available.




June 21

Dollmore has new Limited Edition Glamor Eve dolls Black Diva Skylar and Pink Diva Hosoo posted on their website.  They join previously released Red Diva Aileen. Skylar and Hosoo are being sold as  limited editions of only 10 dolls. The 56 cm tall dolls are cast in normal skin resin. Each doll will come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit (dress, belt, choker, lacy all-in-one) and shoes.

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June 22

pearl1Jpop Dolls has released a new doll by Russian artist BJtales (Lidiya Snul).  14 cm tall Pearl is being cast in white skin resin. She will come with a face-up, body blushing (including manicure & pedicure) and custom-made glass eyes. Her pre-order is open until July 21st.

Xtreme Dolls Siren is also being offered at Jpop. The 62cm tall doll from Cristy Stone comes in two skin tones; tan or white. She will come with a face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes. Siren will also be available for pre-order until July 21.

Delivery of both dolls is expected in September/October.






Slinky Neko has released a limited edition version of 1/4 size Jr. Haroo.  43 cm tall Haroo Audition will come with face-up, glass eyes, mohair wig, outfit (one-piece, lace skirt, vest, lace collar, leggings, hat), repainted guitar and handmade leather bag. The dolls at Slinky Neko are styled by Chesca.



Doll Artist Sarah Seiter has recently completed work on her doll website. New Impling doll Willow and other dolls by the artist can now be purchased at The Mushroom Peddler.

Willow is cast in limited edition fair skin resin. Willow’s pre-order runs until June 30th. The 32 cm tall doll comes in either a blank or a face-up version. Willow will come with a random color pair of eyes and her resin friend Buzz the Bee. Fair skin Willow’s pre-order ends June 30. The fair skin-tone for Willow will not be offered again.

Dolls ordered through the new store will come with free shipping.



Blue Fairy is taking reservations for new limited edition Marine Scout dolls in tan resin.

From the company:

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce that we are going to release the new limited ‘Marine Scout’ .
‘Marine Scout’ is the quantity limited edition doll. Now we would love to give a special chance to buy this beautiful limited ‘Marine Scout’ with a unique way for all of our customers.

* Reservation Schedule: From 5:00 PM on June 22nd, 2012 to 5:00 PM on June 29th, 2012 (based on Korean time)


June 23 ~~~~~


June 24 ~~~~~