June 11 – 17, 2012

June 11

D-Storic has released new limited edition Solmi. She will be available for pre-order until June 30 (Korean time). The 41 cm Rook size girl doll by Korean artist Bimong is being cast in Korean white resin. Solmi’s face-up and body blushing are created by artist Day. The doll will come as shown in the photos with outfit, black wig, Mako eyes, shoes and jewelry.



Luts has released their new limited edition Zuzu Delf dolls. The  19 cm tall anthro dolls are being sold as full-sets dressed as characters from the story Peter Pan. The Zuzu dolls available include Nor Peter Pan, Rabi Wendy, Toya Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell Cathy, Captain Hook Lio and Crocodile Chu. The anthro dolls can be pre-ordered until 17:00 PM  July 17 (Korean time).


June 12

Doll artist Sarah Seiter has released new doll Willow the Impling at The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop. Willow is cast in limited edition fair skin resin. Willow’s pre-order runs until June 30th. The 32 cm tall doll comes in either blank or a face-up version. Willow will come with a random color pair of eyes and her resin friend Buzz the Bee.



DollZone has released Yi.  He is a new 60 cm tall boy full-set doll. Yi can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow and tan skin resin. Yi comes with face-up, outfit, wig, and eyes(16mm acrylic, not the ones shown in the photo). The basic version of Yi is DollZone Joe. The outfit is also available separately.


June 13

5StarDoll has renewed their website.  Posted on the site are two new dolls, Bright and Dark. The 62 cm tall dolls are available in normal, yellow, white, tan or grey skin resin. Bright and Dark are being sold as basic dolls with glass eyes and an undergarment. Default or custom face-up is optionally available.The outfits shown are not available.



Karlyl’s Creations is offering a new doll named Jelani.  The doll is being sold in the artist’s Etsy store.  Mature mini doll Jelani is hand cast in a choice of peach or white resin. He is 47 cm tall.  Jelani is sold blank or with a basic or custom face-up.



Granado has released new Limited Edition doll Chaka.  Only 30 dolls will be available. The doll can be ordered in either sunshine or dark tan skin resin.  Chaka comes with a choice of 64 or 68 cm tall body. He will also come with both regular and heel feet.  Options include face-up and ball jointed hands. Seam sanding is available.



June 14

DollFactory has now posted the Senior Ari Girl body.  The company plans to release their first 1/3 size girl soon. The body is double jointed at elbows and knees.  Three bust sizes will be available.



French doll company Nympheas Dolls is now open.  The first doll by artist k6 is now available. The 20 cm tall doll is named Nymphette. Only 10 dolls are available at this time. The doll is cast in normal rose skin resin.

From the artist:

Nymphette is here, She’s a 20 cm little elf and available to order!
Be careful, stock is limited to 10 dolls but if you arrived too late do not worry I would organize other ordering periods soon. The delivery time is 1 month from the payment of the order.



The new Special Edition doll, Roger, has been released at IpleHouse. The 70 cm tall doll will be available for pre-order until July 10. Roger can be ordered in normal, peach gold, special real or light brown skin resin. The basic doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Roger can be ordered with a Model or Super Hero EID body with a choice of general or mobility thigh joints. Options for the doll include face-up (with or without beard and scar), outfit (shirts, vest, coat, pants, belt, gun holster, scarf, hat), shoes, wig, gun holding hands, and gun (blank or painted).



LoongSoul is releasing new 1/6 size dolls Dudu, Nannan, Keke and Binbin. In celebration of their release, the company is offering a 1 month event.  The dolls are available through Catas on Den of Angels and through retailer Mint on Card.

(from left) Dudu, Nannan, Keke, & Binbin

(from left) Dudu, Nannan, Keke, & Binbin

June 15

Dear Mine has released Angela and four other dolls today. They include Shadow Skull, Shadow Rose, Angel and Summer limited Nekomata Nabi and Roy.

40 cm tall Angela is being sold as a full-set.  The doll is cast in white skin resin. Angela will come with special face-up, wig, eyes, full outfit and painted resin shoes.


Nekomata Nabi and Roy

(from left) Angela, Shadow Rose, Shadow Skull

(from left) Angela, Shadow Rose, Shadow Skull


Camellia Dynasty has a new Fantastic Pet line doll.  Wong is sold in either black or white resin.  The doll will come with an egg-shaped storage container and a random pair of eyes.



Soul Doll has added new SoulKid and Souloid dolls.  The dolls can be ordered with free face-up as part of the company’s Summer Event.

SoulKids  Yelena, Yvenne and Janne are available in white or normal skin resin. Customers can choose from three different 43 cm girl body styles. The girls are available with a random pair of eyes. The face-up and outfits shown are optionally available.

Souloid boy An and girl Rachel are also listed.  The Souloid dolls are cast in white resin for the human parts and a choice of white or “steel” resin for the Souloid parts. Options include face-up, body painting, wig and outfit. An and Sleeping An are 48 cm tall. Rachel and Sleeping Rachel are 46 cm tall.

rachel yelenayvennejanne an


June 16

Soul Doll has added more dolls to their website for their Summer Event,  SoulKids Tess and Albee and Soul Zenith Crichton and Sleepy-eyed H.C.Crichton.

The SoulKids are available in white or normal skin resin. Customers can choose from three different 43 cm girl body styles for Tess and two different boy bodies for Albee (old style is 45 cm and new is 47 cm tall). The dolls come with a random pair of eyes. The face-up, wigs and outfits shown are optionally available. The masks are also optional and can be ordered blank or painted.

69 cm tall Crichton and H.C.Crichton can be ordered in white or normal skin resin. The dolls come with a random pair of eyes. Options for the dolls include face-up, wig and outfit.



June 17

Doll Factory has released new Senior Ari Reina. The doll may be pre-ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Reina comes with breast size option small, medium or large. Face-up is optionally available. Reina is 59.5 cm tall (height with heeled feet, 61.3 cm). The Senior Ari body may be purchased separately.