May 28 – June 3, 2012

May 28

Jpop Dolls is taking pre-orders for Noble Dolls Raspberry.  The doll was created by French doll artist Asella (Cecile Omnes). Raspberry is being cast in normal skin resin. She can be purchased blank,with face-up or with face-up and body blushing. A random color pair of glass eyes come with the painted versions. The doll fits into slim mini size fashions (Unoa).



May 29

Sseiren Doll has released new 64 cm tall Rake line Lawrence.He is being sold as a basic doll.  Customers can choose rose white or flesh tone resin and either a regular or mobility jointed body. Face-up is optional The doll will be offered at a discount in June.



limducan5Dream of Doll has brought back DOI Duncan.  The 70 cm tall doll is being sold as a full-set only. He will be available for pre-order May 29-June 29. Duncan will come with face-up, a random color pair of acrylic eyes, outfit, wig and an additional set of hands (long nail, black nail paint can be requested). Shoes are not included but can be ordered separately on the site.


IpleHouse has released Elemental Guardian Bianca in three versions.  The first is a maid version.  The second version is the uniformed version and the third is a cyborg version. The 58.7 cm tall dolls can be pre-ordered until July 8.

The human versions are listed together on the site.  Human Bianca can be ordered in  normal, peach gold, special real or light brown resin. She comes with a YID body with optional mobility thigh joints. Breast size choices available include small, medium, large or glamorous. Optional additions include a face-up in style A, B or C, maid uniform, military uniform, wig (A or B), and shoes. The uniform will not be able to fit a doll with glamorous size breasts.

Cyborg Bianca will come with a cyborg version of the YID body in  normal, peach gold, special real or light brown resin. She will also come with a resin sword and shield. The cyborg body comes with glamorous size breasts only.  Options for Bianca Cyborg include a human head, face-up for the head in style A, B or C, wig (A or B), airbrushing (style A or B with or without a cape and body scarring).

YID_bianca_military YID_bianca_maid YID_bianca_a



May 30

croomentdetailsLeeke World  has released the long-awaited doll Croom Ent. He is being offered with free shipping. The doll will be available for pre-order until June 17. The 68 cm tall doll is 74 cm tall with his helmet. The torso, arms and head are cast in normal skin resin, and the ent parts are cast in white resin.

Croom Ent can be ordered as a basic doll with ent body, custom wig and an extra pair of fist hands. Customers can select either the human or the ent style head.  Options for Croom include face-up (human or ent style), body blushing, eyes, “wood” helmet (blank or painted) and wood spear (blank or painted).



jet-253x1024The Gem has released Special Order doll Jet – Desert Mercenary. Super Gem Jet is being cast in normal skin resin.  Customers can order him with the  simple or new extra pose version Super Gem body. (Body information can be found HERE.) Face-up and body blushing are optionally available. Only 50 dolls will be released.  The pre-order period runs until June 13 (it may close earlier if all 50 dolls sell.) During the pre-order period Jet’s outfit (robe, pants, sash, belt, hand armors, necklace, hair band and muffler), wig and boots will also be available separately.


May 31


Marchen Waltz has released Ceylon.

The Ceylon head can be purchased blank or with a choice of face-up (5 styles available). The head is being cast in normal skin resin. Ceylon is compatible with Volks (or similar size) 58~62cm tall girl bodies or 58~62cm tall boy bodies.The boy Body type on shown in the photos is Volks SD10 girl body.


June 1


American doll artist Bo Bergemann will be opening pre-orders for her new dolls on June 1st.  She will be selling them with a variety of customer options.  The doll sculpts that will be available are Emma, Sophia, Bella, Bree and Zoe.  They will come on a new 40 cm tall early adolescent body.

A special website is set up for the custom dolls, Designer Dolls by Bo Bergemann. Customers will be able to choose resin color (Brown Sugar, Pink Sugar or Shimmer), face-up (factory or artist) and outfit ensemble (8 styles that can be seen on the  Ensemble Options Page.) Basic dolls will also be available for pre-order on doll page  True Basic BJD’s .  The page also includes body photos and measurements.










MuDoll has introduced new Dotories dolls Ella, Ida and Jules. The 28 cm tall dolls are being sold blank with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, Glib wig and a doll case. An optional outfit in pink, blue or yellow (top, shift, stockings) can be optionally ordered.



Doll artist Marmite Sue is now taking pre-orders until June 29th for for her new resin doll.  Delivery is expected in September.The information can be found at Angel Egg.

The dolls are being cast in white, cream, normal pink, normal yellow and tan. The artist selected her Dentelle type body for the resin cast. The dolls comes with a face-plate system with different styles to choose from. They will either be strung with elastic or with a spring system.


dahliaDollmore has introduced a new version of 79 cm tall doll Lusion Dahlia called Somnambulinsomnia Dahlia.  The new Dahlia is a limited edition of 10 full-set dolls. Dahlia is cast in normal skin resin and will come with face-up, eyes, wig and full outfit (underskirt, dress, shoes, hair ornament). The doll will ship for free. (Other items cannot be sent with Dahlia).



June 2

Doll Artist Bimong has completed a life-size BJD.  The new doll IZI, has  been posted on the website. She is 177cm tall (5.8ft including head). IZI takes 30 mm eyes. IZI will be sold with a slip, a face-up (pure or smoky style), a random color pair of eyes and a random wig. She wears human size clothing.



Only-Doll has released two new dolls in new sizes. The dolls are 71 cm boy Jiny Yu, and 66 cm girl Ning Fei. The new bodies are also available for purchase.

Jiny Yu and Ning Fei can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin.  The dolls are available as blank basic dolls (random color eyes and pajamas included) with optional face-ups, or they can be purchased as full-set dolls (face-up, random eyes, wig, outfit, shoes, pajamas). Body blushing can be optionally ordered. (Note, Ning Fei does not come with pierced ears and earrings or tattoo shown.  Jiny Yu’s outfit does not come with the grey flower on the left shoulder on his outfit.) The dolls can be ordered through authorized Only Doll retailers including Mint on Card and Alice’s Collections.






June 3


DIM (Doll in Mind) has posted new Tania.  The Love line girl can be purchased as a full doll or as a head only.  A “sleeping head” is also available. Tania is cast in normal skin resin.

Basic Tania will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. The full doll will come with both heads and with a choice of the 56.5 Love body or the 57.5 Love body 2.0.   A face-up is optionally available.