May 21 – 27, 2012

May 21

Soul Doll has now released Soul Zenith Derrick.  69 cm tall Derrick is available in normal, white or tan skin resin. Derrick will be sent with the eyes shown in the photos.  Options for the doll include default or special request face-up, wig, and pirate outfit.



LoongSoul is releasing a new 1/3 size Bloom line basic girl named Zixia. She is available blank with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Zixia may be ordered in normal yellow, normal pink, white or tan skin resin. Optional face-up is available. Loongsoul dolls are available from the company and through authorized retailer  Mint on Card.



May 22

Little Monica has released the Harmony line Dyuke head with a new limited edition face-up by Poppy. Only 10 Dyuke Poppy-4 doll heads are available. The sale period for the head is May 22nd ~ 29th Korea time. The period will end early if all 10 heads are sold before the 29th.

The 1/3 size Dyuke head is cast in normal skin resin. A body can be optionally purchased with the head. Two Harmony boy bodies are listed under Related Product section at the bottom of the head’s ordering page.



Rapa’s Factory is releasing a series of dolls with the theme Magic Island.  The first doll, 16cm tall Ru (Farmer) has been released.  He will be available for pre-order until June 16 23:59 Korean time.



A new Korean doll company has opened named Plum Doll. The company has two doll heads posted, Matthew and Miel. They are both available for pre-order. The heads are being cast in normal skin resin and are designed to fit Volks 60 cm and similar size bodies. For a limited time, Matthew and Miel will come with a free pair of cat ears.  The event period ends June 11.






May 23

The Gem has released their new addition to the Elves collection, Goss and Thera – Elcubi. The dolls are being cast in cream white resin. The 42 cm tall Little Gem dolls Goss and Thera come with human bodies and a set of sheep horns and a pair of sheep legs. Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, outfit set, shoes, Soom eyes and wig. Seam removal is also available.



Haroo and Wandoo “I want to go to school” limited full-sets are now available at Slinky Neko.  Customers can choose between the Haroo or Wandoo version of the full-set doll.  Only three dolls are available. The 25 cm tall doll will come with freckled face-up, glass eyes, mohair wig, and complete outfit (two-piece, apron, socks, bag, hat, yellow maryjanes). The set was specially created by doll fashion designer Chesca.






LINA ChouChou has a new full-set doll called Daisy in Wonderland. The 1/6 size doll is cast in white skin resin.  Daisy is being sold with face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit (bonnet, silk dress, petticoat , Stocking, drawers) and shoes.



Dollmore has posted two new limited edition full-set dolls, Zaoll – Edge of a Rapier: Luv and Muse. Luv is being cast in suntan resin and Muse is being cast in white skin resin. The 52 cm tall girl dolls will come with face-up, eyes, wig, shoes, rapier (sword) and clothes set (jacket, pants, belt, cape, blouse). Only 10 of each doll will be released.





May 24

rab16Rachel Vampire has been released at WithDoll.  The 41 cm tall doll comes in a choice of normal, grey or rosy brown skin resin (Grey & brown resin come in original or new versions). Rachel additionally comes with an extra hand and a pair of heel feet. Optional parts available include a resin headband, foot pieces with molded heel shoes, and a wine glass.  Face-up in style A or B, parts painting, wig and outfit set are also available. Rachel will be available for pre-order until June 7.



ImplDoll has released a new Star line girl named Elvira.  The 63.5 cm tall doll comes in a choice of pink, real, white, grey or tan resin. Elvira will come with a random color pair of glass eyes and a doll case. Her Star line girl body can be ordered with or without mobility thigh joints. Options for Elvira include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes.


May 25

DollZone is releasing a new 1/3 size girl named Baixuan. The 62 cm tall doll is being sold as a full-set doll with acrylic eyes, wig, face-up and outfit, or as a basic doll with eyes and optional face-up.  Baixuan’s outfit is also available separately. Dollzone dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin.



Neo-AngelRegion has released Gian – One Summer Day. The 30 cm tall iMda doll is cast in normal skin resin. Gian comes with both regular and sleepy head. Options include an additional body, face-up, green glass eyes, outfit, wig, and toy cart and resin bear. The pre-order period runs until June 5 (Korean time). iMda dolls are created by doll artist Lim dong a.



Pluto Dolls MoonChild has been released for the company’s 3rd Anniversary.  Both head only and full-dolls are available. The 1/4 size Limited edition doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Options include face-up, eyes and wig.

A one-off full-set of the doll with Tamino body is also available  (See top photo below).

From the company:


PLUTO Dolls’ 3rd Anniversary Limited Doll

2012.5.26 ~ 6.9

Moonchild full set / Moonchild / Moonchild head / Limited color wig

PLUTO Dolls Moon Child Type (Boy/Girl)
( Order Period : 2012.5.26.~2012.6.9. )

PUTO Dolls’ 3rd Anniversary Limited Edition.
Based by Archibald, has lovely look with his eyes shut and mouth slightly open.

-PLUTO Dolls Tamino/Pamina Body (40cm compatible)



May 26 ~~~~~


May 27

Dolls by Insomnia Doll will now be sold at the artist’s new site LittleRebel. A new doll head called LR08 has been posted.  15 have been cast in oriental skin resin.  The heads are cast by Dollshe. LR08 will be available for pre-order on May 30.