May 7 – May 13, 2012

May 7


LatiDoll is now taking pre-orders for the new Circus of Bremen Yellow limited dolls. The pre-order runs until May 29. Normal skin dolls Pero, Sunny, Ruki and Benny are being sold with a special face-up and glass eyes.  Options for the 16 cm tall dolls include outfit, shoes, wig and mask part. The dolls come with the new version body. Customers can request a switch to the version 1 body.

(from left) Benny, Pero, Sunny & Ruki

(from left) Benny, Pero, Sunny & Ruki


Jpop Dolls is taking pre-orders for 25 cm tall fair skin Cinnamon elf and 45 cm tall green resin Mikki. The dolls are the latest limited edition versions of doll artist Kaye Wigg’s KazeKidz dolls.

Mikki comes with elf ears and human legs or both human legs and faun hooves.

Both Cinnamon and Mikki will come with a face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes. Blushing for Mikki Faun’s hooves is optionally available. The pre-order ends June 3rd. Shipping of orders is expected to start in late August or early September.



Mikki Faun

Mikki Faun


DollnDoll will soon no longer offer three of their basic Heart line dolls.  Customers will have one last chance to purchase Bubble, Sugar and  Bonny at a special discount price.

From DollnDoll:
Dollndoll will soon stop producing Bubble, Sugar, Bonny from the heart basic line.

They will each return as a unique version of their own. And so before we close down the basic line,
we have decided to have an event.

Event duration ; May 08 ~ June 10

Heart Bubble, Sugar, Bonny ; 30% discount !!

We would sincerely like to thank everyone for showing all their love for Bubble, Sugar and Bonny.

The dolls can be ordered in either white or normal skin resin. The basic doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig and an extra pair of hands. Seam sanding and face-up are optionally available.






May 8


Dolls Town has released the new Deogi head.  The sculpt by doll artist An Jong Hak is designed to fit Dollstown 5 and 7 year bodies.

From the artist:

I will receive the preorder of Deogi head will be started from 8 May to 14 May.
The head is available to order about 20 units, so if it is early out of stock, The order is available again at next time.

I think I can ship this doll in two~three month after pre-ordering.


Ringdoll is releasing a very limited number of Ring Teenager Shao full-set dolls.  They will include a free gift to qualifying customers. The doll is being cast in pure normal skin resin.

From Ringdoll:

For customer requests, Ringdoll News: release Shao, pure normal skin, 15 pcs only.

Any DoA or BJDcollectasy lover who “like” us on facebook Ringdoll Ball Jointed Dolls
——order one fullset get two styles of dress with Shao


Each one dealer from different areas around the world can pre-order one piece.



Doll Family – H has released four new 62 cm boy dolls; Hui Yin, Qing Lu, Wei Shu, and Xue Shi. The dolls can be ordered in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow and white resin. DF-H dolls come with a random color pair of eyes. Face-up is optionally available. Jointed hands do not come with the dolls.  The hands can be purchased separately. The dolls are available from authorized Doll Family – H retailers.









Soul Doll has released a new Souloid line boy named Walter.  The 48 cm tall limited edition doll is being cast with tan resin skin with black mechanical parts. The souloid boy will include the blue eyes shown. Options for Walter include a wig, face-up, body blushing, geometric tattoo and outfit. The doll can be pre-ordered until June 26, 2012.



Pipos has released their new 1/4 size limited full-set dolls. M.PI Minuet is available in two different limited editions. M.PI Hopen has been released in one limited edition. Only 20 sets of each Minuet doll are available.  Minuet is cast in off-white resin. She will come with larges breast piece and both human and beast parts (paws,tail), eyes, face-up, limited outfit, heel parts and cane. Hopen is being cast in beige resin.  40 dolls are available. Hopen will come  with face-up, eyes, outfit, beast parts, glove parts, shoe parts, and cane.

44.5 cm tall dolls Minuet, Hopen, and PO13 line dolls Budle and Sandle are also being sold as gift editions. The basic dolls can be ordered with optional wig, face-up, school uniforms and shoes.  A tail can also be added to orders of Minuet and Hopen. Gift version Budle and Sandle are cast in normal resin, Minuet in off-white, and Hopen in beige resin. The gift edition dolls come with free gifts.

(clockwise from top left) Hopen,

(clockwise from top left) Hopen, Minuet & Hopen, Sandle, Minuet, Hopen, Budle


May 9


Doll Leaves has released two new dolls; Haruka and Nozomi. The 60 cm tall boys are available in normal or white skin resin. Basic Nozomi and Haruka come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Optional face-up is available.






Leeke World has released DollLeeke L type Chris.  The 1/3 size doll is available for pre-order until May 21st. Chris comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and a choice of Gentle, Real, Real Long or Solid Muscle type body. Resin options include basic skin, snow skin and purerose skin. Optional face-up in style A or B is available.



The Gem has released new Legend Collection doll Tremo – Fire Bird.  The Limited Edition Super Gem doll is offered in a choice of normal or brown tan resin with a choice of Simple or Extra Pose body. Tremo comes with moveable legs and claws, horns and wing parts. Options for Tremo include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, feather crests for the wing parts, outfit and shoes. He will be available for pre-order until May 23rd.



La Legende de Temps has announced a pre-order for Edria heads. The open eyed, half closed eyes and closed eyes versions are all available in a choice of normal or white skin resin.The resin is similar in color to Volks resins.

edriaclosed edriaopen edriahalfclosed


Wish-Art, an artist run doll studio is closing May 25.

From Wish Art:

As of the end of May I will be closing Wish-Art and embarking on other endeavors dear to my heart.  No orders will be accepted from this point forward.  To my friends and peers; my gratitude for your love and support.
Until next we meet… May you never be too highly strung, lose your head or break a leg 🙂
Adi xox


Karlyl’s Creations, an etsy shop, has two handmade 1/4 size resin dolls,boy doll Jabari and girl doll Siofra.

From the shop:

Jabari and Siofra are new dolls in the MSD range offered by artist Trishana Prater of Karlyl’s Creations etsy shop. Jabari stands at a long legged 47cm tall, while Siofra is a short and curvy 42 cm tall. They are offered blank or with a faceup and come in white or pale peach resin. Included is a random pair of acrylic eyes.




May 10


Dollmore has released two Youth Adam line Dreaming Mio dolls in limited edition full-sets of 10 each. 58 cm tall Lisbet and Harriet will be cast in normal skin resin. They are being sold with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.



Asleep Eidolon has two new 1/3 size dolls available, Red Grape and Green Grape. The 60 cm tall girl dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The girls are sold as basic dolls with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Optional face-up is available. Asleep Eidolon dolls can be ordered internationally through North American retailer Mint on Card or new European retailer Think Pink! .

Red Grape

Red Grape

Green Grape

Green Grape


Doll-Love has released a new 1/6 size doll named ZoZo.  The doll comes in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin.  ZoZo is being sold as a basic doll with an optional face-up. Basic ZoZo comes with undergarments and a random color pair of eyes. The doll  can be ordered from the company or through authorized retailer Mint on Card.



A new Bud line 1/4 girl doll is now posted at LoongSoul. 42.5 cm tall ChuChu is available with a choice of 3 different chest sizes, small medium or large. She comes as a basic doll or as a full-set with face-up, wig, outfit and shoes (large chest size only, eyes not included). LoongSoul dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin. Options include face-up, body blushing, and an additional chest part. LoongSoul uses environmental  translucent resin.  Customers can optionally request solid urethane resin.



ResinSoul has introduced to their website three new 1/6 size dolls; Pi, Zi & Zu. Pi is the same head as Zu but comes with dragon parts and a dragon body. The 28 cm tall dolls are available in a wide variety of resin colors including pink, blue, coffee, purple, green, red, sky blue, and gray resin. Face-up is optionally available. The dolls can be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers.








Little Monica has opened  a pre-order for Innocent Sophia.  The 58 cm tall size Harmony line doll is only available when the company attends doll events.

From Little Monica:

Online order of Innocent Sophia is now opened!
Innocent Sophia is Off-line Limited Doll.
We take orders when we attend an off-line event, but there is rare chance for over-sea customers to get her.
This is why we are opening one day for online orders.
Don’t miss this chance!
This is the only chance you’ll be able to order her online.

12:00 10th ~ 12:00 11th May
(Korean Time Standard)

Innocent Sophia can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. An optional face-up is available.



DollZone has released 4 new 27cm dolls; Mika, Tengyuan, Hiro and Nyu. The dolls are available in normal pink, normal yellow, white and tan resin.  The dolls can be purchased as full-sets with face-up, outfit, eyes and wig or as a basic blank doll.  Mika, Tengyuan, Hiro and Nyu come with the new  slender Young Body.





May 11 ~~~~~


May 12 ~~~~~


May 13


Basic Diana, Alice, Sleeping Heads,

SWITCH has has released the new 57 cm Humming Dolly girl body.  The body is an Aria doll body specially adapted to fit SWITCH  and other doll heads.

From the company:

We are proud to present you with the ball jointed doll line from SWITCH which got even more colorful with take-over of Arialdoll in March, 2012. [Humming Dolly] was named so to make your days more enjoyable like the humming of favorite songs in happy days.

(1) Humming 57 Girl Body: good for small heads to bigger heads.

– Shoulder and neck sizes were altered for better compatibility with different heads.
– Chest and necklines were modified to bring out the most elegance and beauty of girl bodies.
– Assembly angle was modified for more natural posing.