~Little Harmony Irin~ a Review


In February I had the pleasure of chatting with Jin, representative for  the Korean BJD company Little Monica. He mentioned that the first 1/4 size Little Harmony doll would be released in Spring. As I had been wanting a doll from the company for a while, I decided this would be an the perfect time to acquire one and to review the first doll from the line for BJDcollectasy. As a result Irin arrived at my house this week.

irinhead1Irin who was ordered as a blank basic doll, was packed securely and arrived with no damage. When I opened the outer box, I discovered the doll’s certificate, a card and a flyer. On opening the doll box and removing the top cushion, I found the eyes for the doll, a tiny teddy bear and some sweet treats. Irin was wrapped like a caterpillar in a cocoon of bubble wrap. She had additional protection for her head and limbs. My Irin included the solid-ankle heel legs. As I do not yet have any heel shoes for her, I set them aside for now.

Irin easily stood in a simple contrapposto pose directly out of the box. Her upper torso is jointed with notches to the front and back to help hold it in place. Sometimes her upper chest tends to move beyond the notches. For those that do not like this, I suspect that slight tightening of the stringing would make the joint less likely to do so. The doll has upper thigh joints. The thigh joints can swivel, but did not do so unless I turned them. The thigh pulled out easily for posing the leg in more complicated positions. The knees single jointed. The arms are double jointed with a pull-out joint. This allows the doll to pose her hands near her face. Light seam lines could  be seen on Irin’s body, but they were not excessively noticeable. If I wished to remove them, they would be easy to sand away.

Irin’s face is very sweet and similar in style to her larger Harmony line siblings. My favorite feature on her face was her full mouth with lightly parted lips. Irin’s resin is a warm peachy flesh-tone. I gave Irin a face-up and brown lashes, and after I was finished, I tried out different hair colors on her. My Irin looked great in everything from light blond to dark brown. I liked her best in a carrot-colored wig with bangs from Jpop Dolls. Irin’s eye openings are not excessively large, and and she was able to wear a pair of 12 mm glass eyes.

At the request of the company, I tried to pose Irin in a variety of ways. Her graceful figure was fun to set up in different positions. Even though she is not fully double jointed, Irin can hold a variety of interesting poses and looks lovely in them.  Irin was able to wear clothing that I had around that fit other 1/4 “MSD” size girls. She also fit in my MSD-size doll shoes.

I am pleased with Irin.  She has a lovely figure and will likely look good in almost anything. I look forward to creating something special for her in the future!

Photo above, Irin head with face-up by BJDcollectasy

Corrections: The article listed Jin as the sculptor.  The sculptor at Little Monica is Sun Hyun Lee. Also. Irin was listed as having a single joint elbow.  The joint is actually a double joint that is pulled out to bend.

Little Monica



Irin's heel feet

Irin’s heel feet

Certificate & interior of the head-cap

Certificate & interior of the head-cap


Irin's first pose

Irin’s first pose

Chest joint back and front

Chest joint back and front


Arms posed with pull-out joint

Arms posed with pull-out joint