April 30 – May 6, 2012

April 30

Leeke World has posted a new doll called Little Bird.  The 19 cm tall doll will be a free gift with qualifying purchases. The doll will come blank. She is cast in basic skin resin. Optional face-up, body blushing, wig and eyes can be purchased. Free gift Little Bird is being offered from April 30th to May 29th (Korean time).

From LeekeWorld:

* If you order the items or dolls over $300 USD (Include shipping fee),
we will give you Little Bird (Human Body) as a gift. – Bird Head + Human Body

* If you order the items or dolls over $400 USD,
we will give you Little Bird (Bird Body) as a gift. – Bird Head + Bird Body
* If you order the items or dolls over $600 USD,
we will give you Little Bird (Human Set + Bird Set) as a gift.

littlebird littlebirdhuman


Two new 1/6 size Ring Sweet dolls are now available at Ringdoll. Bobo Style B and new doll Nana are available as full-set dolls with a face-up, eyes, wig, clothes and shoes.  The 27 cm tall dolls can also be purchased as a basic doll  with face-up and eyes. If both Bobo and Nana are ordered together, they will be shipped for free. The dolls are available in normal or white skin resin.



IpleHouse has reversed their decision to not sell the Elemental Guardian dolls as basic dolls. They will be added to the Custom Doll System on May 1st.

elementalguardianFrom the company:

Hi, this is Iplehouse.

From May 1st we will start selling Elemental Guardians characters in CDS.
At first we did not have any plans to sell Elemental Guardians as a basic dolls or in CDS so we told our clients like that.

And all of sudden we decided to sell them so many would be curious.

A lot of our clients have requested us to release Elemental Guardians again but until recently we did not think about selling them again.
But when we heard that counterfeit dolls were sold since it was limited item, we decided to sell them again.
We decided to sell Elemental Guardians only in CDS and we will only sell characters which were released last year.
Elemental Guardians which is sold 2012 will be sold in CDS at 2013.

Also you can buy the doll in CDS anytime, but please be aware that outfits and other items won’t be offered again.
To those who bought Elemental Guardians because it was limited dolls, we are sincerely sorry.
Please understand our situation and in return for your constant support, we will continue to do our best.


Dollmore has added a new Model Doll girl to their website.  The 68 cm tall Skylar Grey is being sold as a basic doll. She is cast in normal skin resin.  Skylar will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, random wig and default underwear. Options for the doll include sanding service, face-up (default shown or custom), and body blushing.



DollnDoll has released their new version of the King line body. The body can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Seam sanding is optionally available. The body is similar in size to the Volks SD9 body.

The company is also offering a customized doll head system. The Mayo doll head part can be ordered with the customer’s choice of features. The heads will fit DollnDoll King and Queen line bodies and Volks SD and similar size bodies from other companies.

From the company:

Hello everyone

Until now, could not be seen,
Create your own doll!

Mayo doll will introduce to you.

Mayo Doll in the category of left Click on

Face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. .. Choose the style you want.

You will have your own doll.



May 1 ~~~~~


May 2

The new Special Order doll, Beryl – Dark Moon , is now available at The Gem. Beryl is being cast in tan resin.  She can be ordered with the simple or extra pose body. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes. Beryl’s wig and shoes are available separately.



Little Monica has ended their naming event for Aiko.  The doll has now joined the basic Harmony line as Sophia.

From the company:

 Sophia is our Basic Harmony Line.

Innocent Sophia is Off-line Limited Line.
We’ll be taking orders of Innocent Sophia at off-line events we attend.
The first off-line event we are attending is Doll Free Market in Korea. 6th May 2012.

Over-sea customers, don’t worry!
We’ll be taking orders of Innocent Sophia and Innocent Sophia head for 24 hours next week.
From 12:00 10th ~ 12:00 11th May. 2012
Don’t miss this special day!
Because this is the only one time chance that you will be ordering Innocent Sophia online.



Migidoll has released limited version dolls Detective Cho and Mysterious Thief Oscar. Only 10 of each doll are available. 63 cm tall Oscar and Cho are being sold as full-sets with special face-up, glass eyes, outfit and shoes. Both dolls are cast in white resin.






May 3

New Takuya may be pre-ordered at Granado.  He will be available in white, normal, pink or sunshine skin resin.  Takuya may be purchased as a head-only or as a full doll. The full doll will come with a choice of 64 or 68 cm body.  Options include face-up and ball jointed hands. Customers who purchase a full doll will receive free seam sanding during this pre-order.



Charm City Doll is preparing to release  a new tiny doll.  11 cm tall Verses line Aster will be available in a limited full-set. The doll will be sold starting on May 14.  Photos of Aster are now posted on the website. Only 10 full-set dolls will be released.



May 4

Dream High Studio has released new doll Elvenia Elf.  The 14 cm tall doll is a limited edition of 25. Elvenia can be ordered in normal, white, green, lilac or tan resin. She will come with a free random color pair of glass eyes, face-up and body blushing.  Elvenia Elf will also ship for free. The Elvenia face-plate can be purchased separately.

elveniaresin2 elveniaresin1


May 5

Meow the Cat is a new doll by Sarah Seiter at The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop.  The 18.25 cm tall (excluding ears) Wonderling line cat can be ordered blank, painted in Siamese colors or custom colored by the artist. Meow comes with a random color pair of eyes, magnetic ears and a furry tail in a choice of white, black, reddish brown, or brown.




May 6

Angel Fantasy has released two new dolls; 70 cm tall Jin and 60 cm tall Shelly. Shelly and Jin are being sold as basic dolls in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Authorized retailer Mint on Card has posted that these dolls will be available with free face-ups until June 7. (Full information is available on the retailer’s website HERE.)






Doll-Love has released two new 1/4 size dolls, Hugh and Evol.  The dolls are available in resin colors normal pink, normal yellow, white and brown.  Basic Hugh and Evol come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and optional face-ups.



4D is releasing a new BJD boy head by artist Mool in two versions. Noël and Noël the Doppelgänger will be cast in basic skin resin (similar to Volks normal skin). The Noël and Noël the Doppelgänger face-ups by Delorean or Polar Bear are optionally available. The head is designed to fit Volks SD17/SD13 Boy, Luts SSDF/ SDF Boy and other similar size bodies. The Noël head will be a limited edition. He will be sold May 7 – 25. Shipping of orders will begin June 1st.

noel_y noel_bk