April 16 – 22, 2012

April 16

Featherfall has released Iruhi Elf. The Featherfall exclusive sculpt cast by ResinSoul can be purchased either as a head-only or as a full doll. Iruhi can be ordered in either white or normal skin resin. The head may be purchased blank or with an optional face-up. The bodies available to fit the head include a 1/4 boy or 1/4 slim girl. Both bodies can be ordered with or without double jointed elbows and knees.



April 17 ~~~~~


April 18

Doll Leaves has released a new 1/3 size girl for April. New Yume is available in normal or white skin resin. She is being sold as a basic doll with optional face-up. The doll comes with a choice of small or large bust. Yume can be ordered from the company or through authorized retailers.



Rapa’s Factory has introduced new versions of 16 cm tall tiny doll Wei. The dolls will be sold at a discount for the first week only.

From the company:

Rapa’s Factory

R:F 00 Line

“Cherry Blossom Festival”

** Discount period : April 18(Wed) ~ April 25(Wed) 23:59 [1week]**
(standard in South Korea time)

** Order period : April 18(Wed) ~ May 9(Wed) 23:59 **
(standard in South Korea time)


 Buried in Oblivion has opened a new pre-order for their doll Skene.  Only 8 dolls will be sold. The 47 cm tall doll will come with a pair of handmade acrylic eyes, a handmade wig and a wooden box with padded lining. Skene will be cast in normal skin resin. The wig and eyes each come in  a choice of 4 different colors. Face-up is not available.



April 19

DIM (Doll in Mind) has posted two new 1/3 size girl dolls, a 1/4 size girl doll and a new sleeping head for 1/3 size boy Lyell. 56.5 cm tall  Lestia and Lalia are sold with a choice of the old or new Love Line girl body.  Annabeth is a 44 cm tall Happy line girl. The dolls will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. The sleeping Lyell head is sold separately from the 61 cm tall Love Line Lyell doll. The dolls and the head are all being cast in normal skin resin. Face-ups for dolls and the doll head are optional.







Leyllis Sleeping head

Sleeping Lyell


Fairyland has started the second part of their 10 year Anniversary Event.

From the company:

Event Period: 19th April, 2012 ~ 10th May, 2012 (Korean Standard Time)

Event Information – CP & FairyLand’s 10 Year Anniversary Event 2nd Round Discount Event

– 10% discount on New Full Package products between 19th April, 17:00 ~ 29th April, 24:00
– 5% discount on New Full Package products between 30th April, 00:00 ~ 10th May, 24:00

Eligible new Full Package products are;
LittleFee Chloe Full Package (Rose Cat) – Limited Edition 100 sets (normally $415.00)
LittleFee Pongpong Full Package (Little Mouse) – Limited Edition 100 sets (normally $415.00)
pukiFee Mio Full Package (Red Bunny) – Limited Edition 100 sets (normally $376.00)
pukiFee Pio Full Package (Black Bird) – Limited Edition 100 sets (normally $376.00)
pukiFee Zio Full Package (Blue Stripe) – Limited Edition 100 sets (normally $376.00)

* Full Package products are not planned to be restocked once the designated number of sets are sold out.

These Full Package products will be listed with already reduced price during the specific event period
(10% discounted price 19th April ~ 29th April, 5% discounted price 30th April ~ 10th May).

Order must be placed within the designated time to receive eligible discount.
Discount price will not be adjusted manually.

(Please note that this event differs from the 1st Round 10 Year Anniversary Event, where discount coupon had to be selected to be eligible.)

Event Limited Basic Product Release

Realpuki Pupu, Realpuki Popo, FeePle65 Lora, FeePle65 Lorence Basic will be available again for the duration of this event.
Please note that eye upgrade option for FeePle65 Lora and Lorence is no longer available.




April 20

IpleHouse has released Opera Giorgio.  The 65 cm tall doll will be sold from April 20th – May 15th.Giorgio can be ordered in normal, peach gold or special real skin resin. He will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Options for Giorgio include face-up (type A or B), wig, clothing (black or white shirt available, or both) and boots. Giorio’s SID body comes with or without mobility thigh joints.



Doll Leaves has announced the start of their 2nd anniversary event.  To celebrate, they have released a new doll head named Babel.  The Babel head will be given as a gift with qualifying purchases. Babel is a limited edition. She comes with a set of horns. The event face-up (and horn painting) shown is an optional purchase.

From Doll Leaves:

Thank you very much for your support and love during the last two years. We are holding a special event to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary ^^

TIME: 20th April ~ 30th May, 2012

1. During the event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$190, a Blank Event doll- Babel head will be given as free gift.
2. During event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$350, a blank Event doll-Babel will be given as free gift.

At the same time, our new 1/3 girl Yume is released. Accessories are not for sale.

* The purchasing amount will include basic face makeup service, but not include Event Doll Babel’s face makeup service, shipping fee and special edition items.
1. The Event doll-Babel is DOLL LEAVES 26cm doll, you can choose boy or girl body; Face makeup price is optional service, cost US$100; Accessories in promotional photos are not for sale.
2. The Event doll-Babel is Doll Leaves 2nd Anniversary special edition, which will be discontinued after the event.


ImplDoll has released a new Imp Model doll named Dennis.  The 58 cm tall doll comes in a choice of pink, real, white, grey or tan resin. Dennis comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and a doll case. His Model line boy body can be ordered with or without mobility thigh joints. Options for the doll include face-up, wig, option parts (skull mask & wand), outfit and shoes.


Luts  has released new Demon Army, the Supreme Commander Regen and The star of Aran Lolly dolls. Lay-away information for the dolls can be found HERE and HERE.

Super Senior Delf Regen is available in normal, white or gray skin resin. He can be ordered with a choice of open-eye or scarred head. The doll comes with a pair of eyes.  Options include the additional head, face-up for one or both heads, special parts (armor, sword with hand), parts painting, charcoal grey wig and outfit (shirt, pants, fur, cloak & sword belt).

Kid Delf Lolly is sold with the Romantic girl body. She will come with a pair of eyes. Lolly can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Options for the doll include face-up, special parts (staff and hand), staff painting, wig(s), outfit set ( blouse, petite coat, skirt, underskirt, belt, belt accessories) and shoes.





April 21 ~~~~~


April 22

My Dolling is currently selling HeeAh in french resin.  The 41 cm tall doll is available for at a 10% discount until April 30. An optional face-up can be ordered in a choice of style A or B.  The dolls of My Dolling are created by Korean artist Gu Mi Jung.