April 2 – 8, 2012

April 2

DollFactory has released a variety of BJDs for April.  The dolls include new Sweety Ari line Elf Jinee, Pet Ari line Devil Pobi, and Senior Ari line Elf Sirius.

16 cm tall Elf Jinee comes in normal or white resin. The doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. A face-up is optionally available in a brown or pink palette.

12.2 cm tall Devil Pobi can be ordered in white or grey resin. The doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, resin spear and detachable resin tail. Optional Face-up/body blushing comes in red on a white resin doll or purple on a grey resin doll.

65 cm tall elf Sirius can be ordered in normal or white resin. The doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and long-nailed hands.  A face-up is optionally available.

elfsirius devilpobi elfjinee


April 3


Fairyland has posted a notice regarding illegally re-cast dolls.

fairylandFrom the company:

Dear Customers,

We regret having to notify our customers with grim news.

Recently, we have been informed by number of our customers about possible sales of illegally recasted FairyLand dolls on some dubious websites. We now confirm that this is indeed true and further to this, our shopping mall photographs and brand name have been used for promotion of these dolls without our consent.

We believe that “FairyLand dolls” sold on this particular website were indeed illegal recast dolls. Further, a particular website has automatically blocked all accesses being made from Korean IP which delayed our acknowledgement of the issue but we were able to get around it thanks to friendly help of those who have reported the case to us. There are now several of these websites that are selling un-authorised and illegal recast of FairyLand dolls. We won’t be disclosing website addresses of these shopping malls in question not to encourage their promotion. However, we would like to take this opportunity to well inform and warn our customers regarding the issue.

Whilst we will be trying our best to prevent sales of illegally recasted dolls, we ask potential customers, seeking to buy FairyLand dolls to be extra cautious as these website will be selling not only recasted dolls but also be using our name and photographs. Our shopping mall photographs are exclusive copyright properties of FairyLand which cannot be reproduced or published for financial gain other than those authorised by FairyLand which includes our authorized FairyLand dealers and few other exceptional cases mostly for non-profit charity causes.

Use of our official photographs to gain profits, especially to sell illegal recasted dolls may cause misunderstanding and we believe the particular act should be heavily criticized for deliberately misleading customers and we will do all in our power to put an end to this.

Please note that other than our shopping mall website and list of our authorized dealers listed at our website, we do not provide any FairyLand products including dolls and services for re-sale. Further, we do not offer product under a category of ‘Second graded/quality dolls’ for sale behind the curtain or administer them for companies believed to be selling illegal recasted dolls. All products including returned and cancelled orders that does not meet the quality check are simply discarded. Most importantly, FairyLand cannot be held responsible for any financial loss or trouble from customers purchasing illegally recasted dolls and kindly ask our customers to be extra cautious. The most effective method is to be on guard at all times and we urge you again to be cautious. List of our authorized dealers can be always found at our shopping mall website http://dollfairyland.com/infodesk/banner.php?number=53.

If you have any questions regarding the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us via c/s board. Thank you.




April 4

Neo-AngelRegion  has released a new version of iMda Babette.  22cm tall Petite Babette is being cast in cream white resin and comes with Soom eyes.  Options for the doll include face-up, mohair wig, outfit, shoes and a choice of toy (doll, duck, bear). The pre-order period  for the Limited Edition doll is April 4 – 16.


April 5

Luts has released new Zuzu Delf basic dolls Toya, Persi and Lio. The 19 cm tall dolls are cast in white resin. The dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Face-up is optionally available (includes head, ears and tail).








A new Soul kid has been posted at Soul Doll. Flett is being sold as a basic doll. She can be ordered in either normal or white skin resin.  Basic Flett comes with a random color pair of Souldoll eyes. Body options include Soulkid girl general, double jointed or N.L. body. Basic or special request face-up is optionally available. Flett’s outfit is listed separately on the website.


Raurencio Studio has released new Lady Line Erica.  The 62 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Erica is being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, random wig, and both flat and heel feet. Face-up is optionally available.



SupiaDoll is now offering a light tan resin option for dolls.

From the company:

Hello Supia family,
Supia’s long-awaited New Light Tan Skin will finally be released on April 5th.
We’ll receive orders for minisup and 60cm girl types from April 5th.
Orders for 65cm boy dolls can be placed from April 20th.
Plus, we’ll release images of our new tan color on April 5th. Please give them a lot of interest!
Thank you so much.


April 6

The new Black Forest dolls have been released at Latidoll; Mut King of Darkness and Noia Elf. Both 1/6 size dolls are cast in normal skin resin and come with a face-up and a pair of glass eyes.  Options for Noia and Mut include outfit, wig and shoes shown in the photos. The dolls are limited editions, and they are available for pre-order until April 20 (Korean time).





MuDoll now has two special Brownie doll  available; Loli-Loli -Smokey Momo and Lovely Nene.  The 11.4 cm tall dolls come with eyes, face-up, complete outfit shown, and a suitcase carrier.


April 7

Ken no Kokoro Dolls will now take pre-orders on a new 1/3 size BJD head. The company’s heads are cast by Dollshe Craft and can be ordered in resin colors pale, fresh, oriental, pale tan, tan, ebony. the pre-order period for Miguelito ends April 21. After this order period, the price for Miguelito will rise.




CozyDoll will be celebrating their first anniversary this month.  On April 9 (Korean time), the company will take pre-orders for Pixy Doll heads Mano, Dino, Limited ver. Dino and Van. All heads will be cast in normal skin resin.


April 8 ~~~~~