March 12 – 18, 2012

March 12

DollZone has released four new 1/4 size dolls, 44 cm tall boys Qianyu and Moment-Ji and 42 cm tall girls Qianxun and Anson-Mei. The dolls can be purchased as full-sets with face-up, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes shown or as blank basic dolls. Body blushing is optionally available. The basic dolls can optionally include a face-up. Resin colors listed for the dolls include white, normal pink, normal yellow and tan.










My Dolling has a new doll posted to the website.  24 cm tall doll Olivia is currently listed as releasing soon, but appears to be able to be ordered. At this time no specific resin choices are available for order, however normal french and normal and tan “Korea” resin samples are displayed.  Two optional face-up styles are available. The dolls of My Dolling are created by artist Gu Mi-Jeong.



March 13

DollClans has posted the information for White Love Story Vezeto. The OOAK head will be sold on March 13th.



March 14


Denver Doll Emporium has announced that they are now offering BJDs by Pat Moulton.  The 1/6 size dolls are being sold as full-sets.  The dolls posted include 13 inches tall Lisa and 12 inches tall Cassidy, Jordan, Cassidy Clown (versions #1 and #2) and Pinocchio (“Good” and “Bad” versions.) Lisa is cast in white resin.  Pinocchio is cast in simulated wood grain resin, and the rest of the dolls are cast in natural skin resin. The dolls can be found on DDE’s website HERE.

lisa badpin jordanclown1

March 15

Rapa’s Factory has released three “dragon” dolls; Serdin, Seline and Serath. The 16 cm tall dolls are cast in white resin and come with a pair of acrylic eyes.  Options for the dolls include dragon horns, tail and wing parts, parts blushing, body blushing, tattoo and wig.



Crobi Doll has  re-released Marisol. The doll was chosen by customers as they doll they most wanted to return. Marisol version 2 comes cast in milk chocolate resin. The 36 cm tall doll will be sold with face-up, a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a pair of horns. The wig and outfit are optionally available. The pre-order period runs until March 23rd, but may close earlier depending on the volume of orders received.



A new Model Doll girl has been released at Dollmore. Tan resin Keeley Sum comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes, random wig, a one piece undergarment and stockings. The 68 cm tall doll comes blank or with optional default face-up.



March 16

Korean doll company rosetta-doll has opened sales to the international market.  The company is offering a doll head named Zio. The head can be ordered blank or, for an additional fee, with face-up . Rio is cast in Volks compatible normal skin resin. He is designed to fit an SD13 or SD17 size Volks body.



Doll artist twigling has opened a new pre-order for Ingenue. New items are available in this pre-order.

From the artist:

This time I am also offering some new parts, namely a large bust, a head with dreaming eyes and a pair of relaxed hands. You are able to choose either/or of each one, or both. With the updated ordering form you can now order heads and bodies separately, as well as the optional parts. The original girl with all her original parts is still available too; I have also tried to make the feet a little bit smaller this time.
With the order just open, there are 4 slots available for tan dolls, so get in quick if that is your preference. This preorder is technically #3, as #2 has filled up while we waited for the first one, but I’m hoping to run #2 and #3 more or less at the same time.

Presently, the only pictures available of the new parts are the grey primer kind, but they should still give a fair indication of what the finished product will look like.

You’ll be able to find most of the information on Ingenue here, and to place an order, this is the page you want. (If I’ve missed anything, please ask, and I’ll do my best to answer).

Here is also a gallery of some of the Ingenues I have made last year; please note that artisan casts are not being offered at this time. If you want to see some of the procast dolls from the first preorder, this is the page to watch.

The doll is  67cm tall. The “Procast” casting of the dolls will be done by Dollshe Craft. Layaway is available.



Or-Doll has opened a pre-order for the Anderl B open-eye head. The 1/3 size head is available in a choice of white or normal skin resin. Face-up is not available. Anderl is designed to fit POPO 68cm or Volks SD16 girl or other similar size bodies.



March 17


Doll Leaves has released a new sculpt named Evan.  The 60 cm size doll comes in two versions; a normal edition and limited edition in wheat colored resin.

Wheat skin Evan comes with both human and elf ears. He is cast in limited edition resin and can be pre-ordered until March 31st.  Regular Evan is is available in a choice of normal or white resin. He comes with a choice of either human or elf ears. For an extra fee, he can be ordered with both sets. Both dolls are sold blank with optional face-up available.

wheatevanelf wheatevan


Bergemann Dolls is now taking pre-orders for 43 cm tall Pippa and 18 cm tall Addie. They are being sold as either basic blank dolls or with factory face-ups in a choice of Shimmer (solid urethane) or Pink Sugar ( slightly translucent) resin. Both dolls with face-up are being offered at a significant price reduction for this pre-order only. (Pippa is at an $80 discount, Addie at a $50 discount). Pippa will ship in June-July, Addie in April-May.

Addie’s pre-order is extended to the end of March. The pre-order for Pippa ends April 15. Pippa is standard slim mini MSD size and can wear clothing from Dollheart and other manufacturers for the size.






March 18 ~~~~~