March 5 – 11, 2012

March 5

Doll Leaves has created a Special Edition doll, Aurora which is being sold exclusively by authorized retailer Heartstring Serenade.

From Heartstrings Serenade:

We’ve got something special for you this 2012 year, and we thank everyone for their business and support since we’ve opened up our shop. This is the first event held by our shop.

We are please to announce a special Limited Edition doll designed by our shop, sculpted and casted by our partner Doll Leaves.

Event period: Starts March 5th 2012 – Until Sold Out.
Event details:
Within this event time frame you can order our special LE30 SD girl “AURORA”.

The first open sale for our LE Aurora is 30 sets ( only nude doll with faceup.)

• Aurora is on the DS 58cm girl body.

• You can choose the skin tone: Normal or White.

• You can choose between Small or large bust options
• She is comes with a limited edition faceup specifically for her sculpt and it is already calculated into her cost.
• She will come with a limited edition pair of handmade eyes, made by Heartstring Serenade.

She has been beautifully styled for us by Doll Leaves & their styling team. We can’t thank them enough!
Production time on this Limited girl will take 40 to 60 working days after the order is submitted.

When ordering through Heartstring Serenade and you would like a Layaway, please e-mail us a heartstringserenade@gmail.com so we can make a custom invoice for you.

Our shop offers 2, 3 and 4 month layaway options if required


 Elfdoll has re-released new Lovely line Soah for March.  The 41 cm doll is cast in normal skin resin. Soah will come with an open-eyed face-plate, random color pair of acrylic eyes, flat and fist hands and flat feet. Additional face-plates are available including reminisce and smile. Face-up for open-eyed and additional face-plates is optionally available.



March 6

Dream High Studio has released new 14 cm tall Elvene.  The doll is a limited edition of 25. Dolls from DHS can now be pre-ordered from the company and also from retail shop Fabric Friends and Dolls.

Elvene comes cast in a choice of normal, tan or lilac skin resin. (Lilac Elvene is available directly from DHS exclusively.) Each doll comes with face-up, body blushing, glass eyes and free shipping.



The ImplDoll is giving away a free head for the month of March. Fiona is designed to fit on the 56 cm Model size or 63 cm Star size or similar doll body.

Fiona can also be pre-order as a full doll. She comes in a choice of pink, real, white, grey or tan resin. Fiona is sold with a random color pair of glass eyes. Options for the doll include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes.



March 7

A new Chinese doll company has recently opened an international site.  Blossom Doll currently sells head sculpts with plans to sell complete full-set dolls.  The company’s sculptor, HUA previously worked under another company. Currently four heads are available; Molly, Iris, Hyacinth, and Anthurium. Resin colors available include white, normal yellow and tan. The heads are made for 1/3 size bodies.










Peak’s Woods has introduced a new Fairy of Bugs line doll named Mia de Butterfly.  The  42 cm tall doll is available in normal or white skin resin. Mia can be ordered with either a normal or large bust. The doll will also come with extra hand parts and a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Optional default or custom face-up is available.



Dollmore has two new full-set versions of Fashion Model doll Sara. DiopSide Sara and Rhodonite Sara are each limited editions of 100. The 42 cm tall dolls are cast in normal skin resin and include a normal size breast part.  Both Saras will be sold with a random color pair of glass eyes, random wig, and under garments (default white underwear, stockings, sandals). Both dolls can be ordered with optional seam sanding, face-up (Rhodonite Sara with pink shades, DiopSide Sara with purple shades) and either hand-and-foot or full-body blushing.

Rhodonite Sara

Rhodonite Sara

DiopSide Sara

DiopSide Sara


March 8


In advance of the release of their first Legend Collection doll, The Gem has designed a new version female Super Gem body.

From the company:

Dear Soom fans,

Hello, and thank you for your great patience regarding our new Legend Collection release !

Starting from the first doll from the Legend Collection (Gneiss), we will introduce to you the new Super Gem Female new body.

We poured so much work in it so we hope that you like it.^^

Please check the details of the new body here :




iplehousestopIplehouse posted a notice regarding reports that counterfeit Iplehouse dolls are being sold.

From the company:

Hi, this is Iplehouse.

Today we want to ask you a favor.
Recently we received information from some of our clients that fake Iplehouse doll is being distributed in the market. Real Iplehouse dolls are only sold on Iplehouse site. So please be aware of this and do not buy Iplehouse dolls from other sites.

Especially please don’t buy counterfeit dolls. If you find some sites which sells our dolls cheaper than our site, you can assume that it is a fake.

If you continue to buy these forged dolls, it will affect our creativity and eventually it will affect our company fundamentally.

A lot of doll manufacturing companies are facing hard time because of these illegal products. And Iplehouse is not an exception.

Iplehouse is organized by few artistes. Most of our staffs engage in creative work and we appreciate our clients love for our dolls. We give careful attention to our client’s need. Also from the planning stage to the end we try our best to make an adorable doll which will be loved by our customers. All of our dolls are made of our effort, toil and passion. Please don’t fill criminal’s pocket with money by buying fake products.

We need your support and help to develop new products. Developing a new product consumes a lot of time and money. Please understand this and once again we sincerely ask you not to purchase those illegal products.

And please prevent other friends around from purchasing illegal items. We are planning to conduct a campaign against illegal counterfeit items. Please join us with this campaign.

We need your love and support. Please give us strength.

Thank you for your time and support.

We will do our utmost to develop new products and design to give satisfaction and joy to our clients.
Iplehouse will make your dreams come true.


March 9

Nicole has been released at Leeke World.Pre-order for the doll runs March 9 – 26th. Nicole with come with the type A Art body.  The 37 cm tall basic doll will include a random color pair of glass eyes. She can be cast in a choice of basicskin, snowskin or pureroseskin resin. The Nicole head will also be available for sale separately.



RosenLied will be releasing previously delayed Limited edition full-set Wednesday’s Child Daisy.

From the company:

Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is the list of new dolls and items we will be releasing during the month of March 2012.

**The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**

[Release of new limited doll]

-Wednesday’s Child Daisy (Normal skin)

Limited to 15
Make up by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker



Crobi Doll released their new T-Line dolls Choco, Coffee, Berry, Bana and Wooyo. Each of the 16 cm tall dolls is cast in a different resin color. The dolls each come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, face-up and resin parts.  Options include wig and outfit.












The Gem has released Legend Collection doll Gneiss – The Birth of a Goddess for pre-order. Gneiss comes with both flat and heel feet, and pearl resin wing ears and snake attachments. She can be ordered in the normal or new extra pose body. Options for Gneiss include face-up, body blushing, resin staff, Soom eyes, wig, outfit set (dress, skirt, cape, necklace & bracelet), and shoes. The staff comes blank.  Options for the staff include seam sanding and painting. Seam sanding for Gneiss can also be ordered separately. The pre-order ends March 25.



March 10


March 11


Volks USA will open the lottery today for the Kyoto 9 dolls.  Two BJDs will be available, SD16G Megu and Yo-SDG Megu. Both dolls are being sold as full-sets, and Yo-SD Megu will also come with a toy cat named Komame. Applications to purchase the limited items will be accepted starting  March 11 11:00 AM PST – March 14 11:00 AM PST. The dolls can be seen HERE.

Volks USA sells exclusively to North American collectors.



Raurencio Studio has posted a notice regarding the recent release of new doll series The Story of Vampire. The dolls were based on Twilight actors.  They were released March 10 but have now been removed from the website.

From the artist:

I’m Racius, the doll sculptor of Raurencio Studio.

I’m very sorry to have worried you.

Raurencio is a very small doll studio in Korea. Raurencio is a small
atelier where people likes dolls are gathered together, not many people
work in like other doll companies.

The motive for making the new dolls was not to sell them but to show the
skills of our company whose popularity is very low.

So we made the new dolls based on movie stars known by everyone.
Actually we know another company already made these characters. But we
just wanted to show you more realistic and high quality sculpts.

We think we can make a good sculpture better than any other doll
designer. But few people love our dolls and we can’t sell a lot of our
dolls unlike other famous companies.(honestly, we can’t make a living by
selling dolls. But we’ve made dolls at our own expense because we just
like making dolls. We’ve been making dolls as it is our pleasure to show
you dolls we made.)

We’ve done a lot of thinking about the license.

But it is very difficult for a small company like us to get a license
from famous Hollywood stars in Korea.

We just wanted to make art as fans of the stars. It is allowed to some
extent in Korea to make derivative works of famous stars, books, etc.

We didn’t know how important it is to get permission from the copyright
owners in the US and our ignorance caused lots of disputes and your

We’ll make every effort to get permission. The copyright owners may give
us the license if the new dolls become a big issue.

We apologize again for worrying about the license.

If we can’t get the license, we will not sell the new dolls.

We hope you see our dolls as art works to show our skill.

We’ve made dolls thinking them as art works, and it is why we don’t use
computer 3D and stick to making dolls by hand. And we think this way of
working made us have originality. But in this time we lose our
originality and it made you disappointed, though our intention is just
to show our skill.

We promise to make more creative and original dolls in future.

We’d be grateful if you watch us with warm eyes.

We’ll always do our best not to disappoint you again.

Please give your warm affection to us working hard because of love of
dolls despite a poor environment.

We beg you. Please see our dolls as art works.

raurencio twilight